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Activities Forbidden In Malaysia During Economic Reopening!

Malaysia will start reopening its economy starting 4 May 2020, but many activities will still be forbidden.

Here is the full list of activities forbidden during Malaysia’s economic reopening!


Economic Reopening In Malaysia

On 1 May 2020, the Malaysian government announced the reopening of Malaysia’s economy starting 4 May 2020.

While there are still over 1,700 active COVID-19 cases in Malaysia, with new cases still being reported every day, the Malaysian government is gravely concerned about the high costs of shutting down the country.

So they have decided to reopen the economy, with some caveats. May the Fourth be with us all…


Activities Forbidden In Malaysia During Economic Reopening

There is still community spread of COVID-19, so to mitigate the potential risks of reopening the economy, the Malaysian government is specifically forbidding these activities :

1. Entertainment

2. Festivities, Parades + Assemblies

3. Conferences + Exhibitions

4. Education

5. Sports

6. Social Activities

7. Transportation

8. Business Premises / Non-Premised Hawkers / Enclosed Markets / Open Markets / Retail / Food & Beverage Stores

9. Centralised Labour Quarters (CLQ) / Hostels

10. Installation + Maintenance Of Machinery (Lifts, Escalators, Boilers, etc.) For Service Sector / Tower Crane At Construction Sites

11. Clothes + Fashion Accessories Stores

12. Laundry (Self-Serviced Laundry Only)

13. Face-to-face Lectures / Seminars / Courses / Training

14. Agriculture Certification Activities

15. Barber Shops + Beauty Salons

16. Banking + Financial Services

17. Forest Management

18. Mining + Quarrying

19. Farming + Agriculture

20. Fisheries

21. Creative Arts

22. Art + Culture

23. Tourism + Hotels


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe from COVID-19 :

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