All Citizens + Foreigners Will Get FREE COVID-19 Vaccine!

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MKN just announced that all foreign residents, as well as citizens, will receive the COVID-19 vaccine for FREE!

Find out why this is a critical step to curb or eradicate COVID-19 in Malaysia!


All Citizens + Foreigners Will Get FREE COVID-19 Vaccine!

The Malaysian government had already announced earlier than the COVID-19 vaccine would be provided FREE to all Malaysian citizens, but are considering it for foreign residents.

On 11 February 2021, the Malaysian government announced that the COVID-19 vaccine will also be offered for FREE to all foreign residents in Malaysia!

However, they will prioritise the vaccination of Malaysian citizens, with further information on the vaccination of foreign residents to be announced later.

All Citizens + Foreigners Will Get FREE COVID-19 Vaccine!


Why Is Malaysia Providing FREE COVID-19 Vaccine To Foreign Residents?

The Special Committee on COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Access Guarantee (Jawatankuasa Has Jaminan Akses Bekalan Vaksin COVID-19 or JKJAV) said that the decision was based on these factors :

  • a COVID-19 free environment can only be achieved when the vast majority of people in Malaysia are vaccinated
  • it is a humanitarian move to provide the vaccine to everyone during this pandemic
  • a record number of COVID-19 clusters involve foreign workers in the plantation, construction and manufacturing sectors
  • the cost of treating and quarantining COVID-19 patients are high due to the high number of foreign worker clusters
  • foreign workers are part of the community and contribute towards the nation’s economy
  • other countries are also providing free vaccines to Malaysian citizens residing overseas

All Citizens + Foreigners Will Get FREE COVID-19 Vaccine!

This decision was also based on the fact that Malaysia had already obtained more than enough COVID-19 vaccines for Malaysian citizens.

Finally, they pointed out that effective herd immunity can only be created when the vast majority of the population in Malaysia – whether local or foreign – are vaccinated.


FREE COVID-19 Vaccine Fore Foreign Residents : Our Thoughts

We applaud the Malaysian government for deciding to provide all foreign residents with the COVID-19 vaccine.

This is the best way to achieve herd immunity – by providing as many people as possible with the vaccine.

Vaccine hesitancy due to fake news and active campaigns by antivaxxers is at an all-time high, and would prevent vaccines from creating an effective herd immunity.

Charging foreign residents, or their employers, to vaccinate against COVID-19 would further increase vaccine hesitancy.

To safeguard the citizenry, we must also protect our foreign guests and workers. And that means offering the COVID-19 vaccine for free to them as well.

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While the government has not released any details yet, we hope that they will look at vaccinating undocumented migrants too, even if they are unable to provide proof of residence.

However, they should also come up with a plan to prevent vaccine tourism – foreigners coming into Malaysia for the chance to get the vaccine earlier.


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