Malaysia Adopts Digital Road Tax : Sticker Not Required!

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Malaysia has officially adopted the digital motor vehicle licence (e-LKM), removing the need for physical road tax stickers on vehicle windshields!


Malaysia Adopts Digital Road Tax : Windshield Sticker Not Required!

On Friday, 10 February 2023, Malaysia Transport Minister Anthony Loke announced that, effective immediately, private vehicles owned by Malaysian citizens no longer need to display their motor vehicle licence (Lesen Kenderaan Motor, or LKM for short), which is colloquially known as the “road tax”.

Effective 10 February 2023, the Malaysia Transport Ministry will no longer enforce Section 20 of the Road Transport Act, which states that motor vehicle licences must be fixed to, and exhibited, on all vehicles.

Any summons issued for not displaying the road tax sticker will be classified as “No Further Action”.

In line with this initiative, the provision under Section 20 of the Road Transport Act 1987 (Act 333) where “each vehicle registration licence must be affixed and displayed on the relevant vehicle will no longer be enforced for the category of owners under the first phase.

This exemption will be gazetted under the authority given to the Minister of Transport under Section 127(1)(b) of the Road Transport Act 1987.

This initiative will be implemented in stages, with the first phase involving individual private vehicles, including motorcycles, owned by Malaysians.
– Malaysia Transport Minister Anthony Loke

During this first phase, other vehicles must still display their road tax / motor vehicle licences, including:

  • private vehicles owned by private companies
  • private vehicles owned by foreigners
  • commercial vehicles
  • public service vehicles

This move is part of the broader digitalisation plan for JPJ, which should provide a smoother and faster service to the people.

I welcome all drivers and vehicle owners to transition to the digital platform. With this, the congestion and long lines at JPJ counters will be reduced.
– Malaysia Transport Minister Anthony Loke

Please note that the e-LKM digital road tax is optional. You can continue to use your physical road tax sticker. This is merely a new way that gives you access to a digital copy of your driving licence, and your road tax.

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Malaysia Adopts Digital Road Tax : Sticker Not Required!


Private Vehicle Road Tax Now Available Through MyJPJ App!

Please note that this does not mean the road tax has been abolished. You still need to pay for the road tax. It is merely the physical motor vehicle licence that has been abolished.

But do not think you don’t have to pay for your Road Tax anymore. You still have to pay for it

I want to stress that enforcement action will continue to be taken against anyone found driving a vehicle without a valid motor vehicle or driving licence, in line with the Road Transport Act.
– Malaysia Transport Minister Anthony Loke

Instead of physical road tax stickers, motorists will now obtain their digital road tax certificates (e-LKM) through the MyJPJ mobile app, which is available in:

Motorists can also use the app to show enforcement officers their e-LKM digital road tax certificates. However, this is not necessary.

Loke said that it is not an offence if you cannot show enforcement officers your e-LKM digital certificate. On top of that, the police and JPJ enforcers can use their own devices to check on the vehicle’s road tax status.

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Alternatively, motorists can use the JPJ mySIKAP portal to obtain their e-LKM digital certificates, which can be printed. A screenshot can also be taken of the e-LKM to be shown to enforcement officers.

Finally, JPJ will continue to offer the printed sticker to motorists who still prefer to install it on their cars. These printed stickers will be available at JPJ branches.

The alternative methods of using a screenshot and/or printed certificate are useful if the driver is not the actual owner of the car. And of course, the physical road tax stickers are still available for those who prefer the “old school” ways.


e-LKM Digital Road Tax Initiative : Good Or Bad?

While some people are already complaining about the hassle of opening a mobile app, or printing a physical copy, the move to digitising the motor vehicle licence / road tax is inevitable.

Digitising the motor vehicle licence would mean you can now renew it online, or through the MyJPJ app, saving you time and the hassle of going to a JPJ branch and queuing up.

Even if you have to print a physical copy, it is still cheaper than paying for MYEG delivery of the road tax, or actually spending your time and money to get the sticker.

And did you forget what a chore it was to install the road tax sticker every year? We all had to very carefully peel the sticker the right way, or risk tearing it!

All that will be history now that we are moving to digital certificates that we can retrieve online, from the MyJPJ app, or print anytime we want, from the comfort of our own home / office!

As for the claim that the digital motor vehicle certificate will make it easier for people to steal cars – that’s just absurd. People have been stealing vehicles even with a physical road tax sticker. Moving to a digital certificate won’t make it easier for thieves to steal your vehicle!

In fact, now that the road taxes / motor vehicle licences are digitised, it will be easier for enforcement officers as they can now check your vehicle’s validity using their own devices. They no longer need to peek at your road tax sticker.


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