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All Schools In Malaysia To Reopen In March / April 2021!

The Malaysia Ministry of Education just announced that all schools will reopen in March and April 2021.

Here are the details of the reopening of schools in Malaysia!


All Schools In Malaysia To Reopen In March / April 2021!

On 19 February 2021, the Minister of Education, Datuk Dr. Radzi Jidin announced that all schools will reopen in March 2021 :

* Group A are the states of Johor, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu
** Group B are all the other states and federal territories.

Dr. Radzi explained that the younger children are being asked to return to school one week earlier, to prepare them on how to comply with the SOP.

He also explained that the reopening of secondary schools are being delayed to April 2021, to allow for SPM examinations to be carried out in safer conditions.

All schools must comply with the SOP, to ensure the safety of both students and teachers. Even for schools that are not registered with KPM are being asked to follow the same dates.

The Minister also pointed out that schools will be asked to ensure adequate distancing when parents drop off and pick up their children.


Reopening Of Schools In Malaysia Before Vaccination?

We have to wonder why the Malaysia Ministry of Education decided to reopen schools in Malaysia, before the COVID-19 vaccination programme kicks off.

We would have expected them to at least wait until the teachers were vaccinated, before reopening the schools.

The third phase, which would include all public and private teachers, would have kicked off in May 2021.

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