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New Malaysia SOP For Travelling Is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!

The new Malaysia SOP For Travelling that went viral on social media today is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!

Find out what is this Malaysia SOP For Travelling all about, and why it’s FAKE NEWS!


New Malaysia SOP For Travelling : Face Mask + Social Distancing!

This is the viral message that’s gone viral – a summary of new face mask and social distancing requirements for driving and eating out in Malaysia…

SOP For Travelling wef 1 Aug 2020

MCO Query Phone +60388882010

Called the above number to seek clarification on the mandatory mask requirement for in-car travel.
Call the above number for any MCO related info.

Please take note.


1) If you are driving alone or with others in the car must be from same household, with MyKad showing all having same house address, then there is no need to wear face mask. And maximum load of 5 persons only.

2) But if more than one person in the car is from different households, all MUST wear face masks.

3) It is also required to practice social distancing in the car. If small cars like Perodua Axia, the passenger must be seated behind. Only 2 in a car.

For bigger vehicles like sedan, MPV/SUV, if seats are more than 3 feet wide, you can be seated next to each other with one empty seat in between (back row).

4) For public transports like buses, LRT, MRT, trains, Masks are compulsory.

At eateries/cafes/restaurants

1) Social distancing must be adhered
▪ Minimum 1 metre apart.
▪ Small table – 2 persons
▪ Large table – 4 persons

2) Register your particulars.
▪ Body temperature
▪ Name in full
▪ Handphone number.

3) Face mask – keep your mask on while:-
▪ waiting for food or drink
▪ talking
▪ using your handphone
▪ reading newspaper
▪ put your mask on immediately after eating & drinking (you can only take off your mask while eating or drinking).
▪ Don’t pull down your mask to your chin.
▪ Don’t hang it on one ear.
▪ Don’t place it on the table.
Put it inside a bag or your pocket.
▪ Leave as soon as you have finished eating and drinking. Don’t use the eatery as a venue for socializing at this time.


New Malaysia SOP For Travelling : FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!

Here is a short and sweet verdict of the viral message that people have been sharing like crazy today – it’s FAKE NEWS!

Everyone’s worried because 1 August 2020 is the first day of the new mandatory requirement to wear face masks in public in Malaysia. Anyone caught without a face mask in public places will incur a fine of RM 1,000 per person.

Here are the facts why this is yet another fake post on social media :

Fact #1 : Face Masks Only Compulsory In Public Transportation + Public Spaces

On 23 July 2020, Senior Defence Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced that the face mask will be mandatory in these public spaces starting 1 August 2020.

Those who flout the mandatory face mask rule will be subject to a fine of up to RM 1,000. There is no requirement to wear face masks in personal vehicles in Malaysia, as we pointed out earlier.

Fact #2 : MyKad Addresses Cannot Be Used

Malaysian MyKad addresses cannot be used to prove that a group of people in a private vehicle are from the same family. That’s because they are often not updated.

A husband and wife, or even housemates, will often have different addresses, as there is no requirement to change or update addresses even if one is married, or move to a different address.

It is illogical to use MyKad addresses to determine if people are staying together. That’s why the police won’t ask to see the address on your MyKad.

In fact, as we pointed out – it is not mandatory to wear a face mask in your own car in Malaysia, so the police won’t even stop you!

Fact #3 : Social Distancing Is Not Required In Private Vehicles

There is no requirement to perform social distancing in private vehicles. Not even in taxis and e-hailing vehicles.

In the Malaysia Transportation Ministry SOP issued on 23 June 2020, social distancing isn’t required in taxis and e-hailing vehicles, as long as they are from the same family.

Both driver and passengers are protected by the requirement for everyone to wear a face mask inside taxis and e-hailing vehicles in Malaysia.

Fact #4 : MCMC Confirmed That The Post Is Fake

MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) issued not one, but two notices, to refute that the SOPs for wearing a face mask and practicing social distancing in vehicles is FALSE.

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