Breaking : TOTAL LOCKDOWN Across Malaysia For 2 Weeks!

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After weeks of escalating COVID-19 cases and deaths, the Malaysian government finally gave in and ordered a TOTAL LOCKDOWN of the entire country!

Here is what you need to know about Malaysia’s total lockdown phase 1!


TOTAL LOCKDOWN Across Malaysia For 2 Weeks!

At 8:30 PM, the Malaysia Prime Minister’s Department announced that the National Security Council (MKN) decided to order Total Lockdown Phase 1.

From 1 June until 14 June 2021, there will be a complete lockdown of the social and economic sectors across the country.

During these two weeks, ALL sectors are FORBIDDEN to operate, EXCEPT for essential economic and service sectors that will be announced by MKN.

This decision was finally made after new COVID-19 cases breached 8,000 per day, and active COVID-19 cases exceeded 72,000 cases, and over 2,500 people died from COVID-19.

As a result of this total lockdown, the Finance Ministry will introduce assistance packages for the people and affected economic sectors. These aid packages will be announced shortly.

The Malaysian people are asked to STAY AT HOME to break the chain of infection, and maintain COVID-19 precautions.

Breaking : TOTAL LOCKDOWN Across Malaysia For 2 Weeks!


Malaysia Total Lockdown Phases Explained

If this new Total Lockdown Phase 1 succeeds in bringing down the number of new COVID-19 cases, the government will implement Phase 2.

Total Lockdown Phase 2 will last for four weeks, during which several economic sectors that do not involve mass gatherings and allow for physical distancing will be allowed to reopen.

The next step is Total Lockdown Phase 3, which is basically the current Movement Control Order (MCO) 3.0.

However, the decision to shift from Phase 1 to Phase 2 and then Phase 3 will be subject to risk assessments by the Ministry of Health (KKM).


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