Malaysian Artists Celebrate 125 Years Of History

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Page 3 : Nazri Amran (Dmojo), Thomas Powell, Sabek



Nazri Amran (Dmojo)

Title : Unity

Address : Shell Jelutung Expressway, Sungai Petani, Kedah

Malaysian artists - Nazri Amran (Dmojo)

Malaysia is home to a diverse range of people from different cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. Despite these differences, Malaysians have co-existed and prospered due to shared interests and common values including unity, respect, and tolerance. This colourful mural aims to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of Malaysian society, and remind Malaysians that their strength lies in unity.


Thomas Powell

Title : Visions of Malaysia

Address : Shell Jelutung Expressway, Butterworth, Penang

Malaysian artists - Tom Powell 01

Malaysia is blessed with many cultures, traditions and ethnicities. In this mural, the artist weaves together a collection of iconic symbols that represent the country and its people. The dynamic montage reflects on Malaysia’s unique heritage, diversity, and burning spirit that drives the nation and its people to continuously progress.



Title : Waking Up

Address : Shell Temerloh RSA East Bound, East-West Highway, Temerloh, Pahang

The Malayan tiger (Panthera tigris malayensis) is the national animal of Malaysia. It is a symbol of bravery, strength, pride and grandeur for the country. Found mainly in Peninsular Malaysia, it is a central figure in Malaysian culture, appearing on the Malaysian coat of arms, and widely featured in Malaysian folklore.

However, the Malayan tiger is at risk of extinction, with less than 500 animals left in the wild. The artist aims to highlight the plight of this beautiful animal, and the importance of preserving our wildlife for future generations.


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