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Malaysian Karen Threatens IKEA Boycott Over LGBT Bag!

A Malaysian woman is threatening IKEA with a “Malaysian boycott” over their poster of the new LGBT bag, which isn’t even available in Malaysia!

What a Karen…


Malaysian Karen Threatens IKEA Boycott Over LGBT Bag!

The Malaysian woman, who is apparently a JAKIM-certified halal inspector and Facebook game streamer, was grievously offended by the rainbow-coloured IKEA STORSTOMMA bag.

More accurately, she was grievously offended by this IKEA poster promoting the STORSTOMMA bag, posting on Twitter :

Does IKEA want to see the power of Malaysia boycott?

Take down this poster or we will buy nothing from you @IKEA

From: Malaysian

Best of all, the picture wasn’t even taken in Malaysia. Neither is the STORSTOMMA bag available in Malaysia.

So she was threatening the boycott of an IKEA product that’s only available in the United States, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

That left many Malaysians laughing at her naivety, with some even thanking her for letting them know about the bags. LOL!

While there were Malaysians who supported her anti-LGBT stance, many posted pictures of eyerolls, gay couples, and rainbow-coloured ice-cream and even a cat carrying a rainbow flag.

Some also pointed out her hypocrisy for using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, when they and other major brands support LGBT rights.

If she truly wants to boycott brands that support LGBT rights, she should walk the talk and start by deleting her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts… including her Facebook Gaming channel.



So what is this phenomenal little bag that could… trigger such venomous screed from this Malaysian Karen?

Cast away ye eyes, lest they be burnt to cinders, o ye of unwavering faith in the Godliness of your eternal soul.

As for the rest of you… may we present to you, the IKEA STORSTOMMA – the multi-coloured scourge of Homophobes United, and a shameless symbol of a world where love conquers all… 😀

STORSTOMMA is a special edition version of the blue FRAKTA bag that aims to promote “standing up against discrimination of the LGBT+ community… and equal rights” on 17th May and well, every day.

Available for £1.50 in the UK and Ireland, and selected countries like the United States, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, all profits from STORSTOMMA will be distributed to “support local LGBT+ initiatives, charities and causes“.

That’s a mighty fine cause, and we would LOVE to purchase us some STORSTOMMA bags, should IKEA bring them over to Malaysia.


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