Malaysian Passport Renewal In Singapore : The Rojak Pot Guide!

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I recently had to renew my Malaysian passport here in Singapore. While it’s actually a relatively simple process, renewing passports can sometimes be a stressful endeavour.

This is especially if you are unsure of the document requirements, if there are any forms that’s required or if you need to bring any photos or not.

I searched online for any latest information before I renewed my passport but only found information that are a few years old.

Since I’ve just renewed mine in July 2015, I thought I should share the latest process for Malaysian passport renewal in Singapore and get you prepared for it.

Malaysian passport renewal in Singapore
Malaysian passport renewal in Singapore


The Location : How + When To Get There

Where you need to go is the High Commission of Malaysia at 301 Jervois Rd, Singapore 249077.

My recommendation to get there is just to use a taxi service. There isn’t much place to park around the High Commission. But if you do want to drive there, the nearest car park is Valley Point Shopping Center at River Valley Road which is within walking distance.

The Immigration Department starts operations at 8 am, and they will collect the submissions till 12 pm. But I highly recommend that you reach there before 8 am, if you don’t want to wait too long.

When I did my renewal, I arrived exactly at 8 am and even then I was already at queue number 17, and it took about 45 minutes to get to my turn. And by the time I was done, there was quite a number in queue already.

Huat Cheong Chew recommends going there later, at around 11 am, after the morning crowd has dissipated. He only had to wait 15 minutes. He collected his passport at around 3 pm, also after the collection crowd had left.

TY also shared that the old limit of 100 applicants a day is no more. A friendly officer shared that they would handle all walk-in applicants before 12 pm.


What You Need To Bring For Malaysian Passport Renewal In Singapore

Here’s what you need to bring.

  1. Your Malaysian MyKad
  2. A photocopy of your Malaysian MyKad
  3. Your Singapore IC or Employment or Work Pass
  4. A photocopy of your Singapore IC or Employment or Work Pass
  5. Current Malaysian Passport
  6. Another photo ID such as your Malaysian or Singapore driving license to exchange for the entrance pass
  7. About S$66 in cash. This is the amount as of 16 December, 2016. It used to be S$84, then dropped to around S$66 and may change slightly over time, depending on the SGD-MYR exchange rates.

It is important that you bring all of the above. Every time I renew my passport, there’s always someone who did not bring another photo ID. This complicates things as you need to exchange for a photo ID for an entrance pass.

However, since you need BOTH the Malaysian MyKad and the Singapore IC/EP/WP for the passport renewal, you will need another photo ID.

Additional Tip : KFC in the comment below noted that a friendly officer mentioned that usually after 10 am, they would have some small change if you don’t have the exact amount. So, if you really are not able to bring exact change, you probably do not have to get too stressed out.

Just hope for the best that they do have some change to spare. KFC also reminded me about the choice of clothes. Try to wear darker shirts or tops, if you do not want to wear the jacket or coats provided at the High Commission.

Notice that I didn’t list a requirement for any form or photo? That’s because you don’t need either. I’ll explain in the next section on renewal process.


The Submission Process For Malaysian Passport Renewal In Singapore

When you arrive at the High Commission, get your photo ID ready and exchange for the entrance pass.

Tell them that you are there to renew your passport and you would be provided with a form as the one below.

Passport Renewal form at High Comm in Singapore

Quickly get into the Immigration Department section of the High Commission and fill up the form. Once you are done, get into the queue along with all the documents at hand.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure where to be at. You’ll know where the line is when you get there. Also, there is a friendly officer who will guide you along the process.

The first line is to get the documents checked and then you will receive a queue number. Now, please hold on to this queue number well, as you need to bring it along for the collection. So don’t crumple it or stuff it into your pocket.

At this point, you just have to wait for your number to be called. Once called, just head over to the counter and hand over all the documents.

They will process it and get the actual form printed with all your details on it. All that’s left is to sign on the form and thumbprint on it. Once that’s done, you make the payment of S$66 in cash. Remember to bring exact change. They won’t provide change if you don’t have exactly the required amount.

If you’re lucky, you would get called at a counter that has a camera installed. If so, you would get your photo immediately taken for the passport.

If not, as was with my case, you would be asked to sit and wait for your number to be called again to another counter that has the camera.

The photo is the last step for the submissions. You would be given back all your IDs and the queue number with the collection date and time noted down.

It’s usually just the next day from 3-5 pm. I highly recommend collecting it on the stated date to avoid any complications.


The Collection Process For Your New Malaysian Passport

The collection process is pretty simple and straightforward. On the collection day, remember to bring along the queue number and a photo ID other than your Malaysian MyKad.

This time you can use your Singapore IC or work pass, as they’re not required for the collection. They would just verify your details with your Malaysian MyKad.

Same thing when you reach the gate, exchange your pass and tell them you’re there for the collection.

When you’re in the immigration department, the queue now is based on the number on your entrance pass. An officer will call out the queue number in tens, i.e. 11-20 for instance.

When it’s your turn, just get into the line for your turn to the counter. At the counter, you would provide the submission queue number and your Malaysian MyKad.

The staff at the counter will then retrieve your new Malaysian passport, and verify your details. You will then be asked to check and verify the details on your new passport.

You would definitely want to make sure all the details are correct. If all is good, just sign on the signature line of the new passport and you’re done!

Now this process is accurate at the time of posting. However, I would of course recommend that you also visit the Malaysian High Commission’s website in case the process has changed.


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  1. Jess

    Very useful tips, however, just one note on the entrance pass exchange. You dont need to have photo Id for the exchange. I gave my Watson card and isetan card without Id before. Also, collection for me was 230-4pm.

    1. ken

      Thanks for the feedback Jess! That’s a good to know that you don’t need a photo ID when not available.

      But I would still recommend everyone to bring one anyway unless not available. No point getting in to an argument with the guards on that ?

  2. Leanne

    Thanks for the info above, my application on 8 Oct 2015 went smooth as breeze, it was all over in 10 mins. I followed your advice to go there later, 11.15am, only 2 applicants were around, no waiting at all. Once entered into the hall, an Indian lady would check if I had all the photo copies and the originals, then directed me to the right counter.
    I was wearing a white shirt, was given a black shawl to cover my shoulder, presumably to prevent glare. It didn’t look good on the photo, the photo was taken on the spot, my black and white photo on the passport looks as if a black marker ink strike across the bottom of the photo. To prevent this, best is to wear a dark top, avoid white.
    Fee paid was $66 though I prepared $84,must be due to falling ringgit.
    Collection was also hassle free, reached there following day at 3.30pm, was done in 5 mins.
    Then the next thing to do is to transfer the re-entry permit onto the new passport, log in:

  3. Cherrie

    thanks for the information. i just get to know that we don’t need to prepare passport photo. the officers are professional and patient. i reached about 11.51am today, the security told me i only have 7 min. when i got in, an indian officer approached me and asked for all the documents and guided me to counter 10 for queue number. right immediately i collected the number, my number was called. the officer collect all the documents, provide me with a shawl to take photo right in front of the counter. after payment was done, i was given the collection date and time and was told to come early next time. that’s it and everything done so fast. this is also because is close to lunch time and only 2 people waiting.

    1. ken

      Looks like the 11am timing is far better. Will be updating the article to recommend this as a viable alternative. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Jamie

    Sorry do you know how long it takes to process? I need to renew my passport to fly out on first week of Nov and I’m freaking out….

  5. sunset_limited

    Hi All,

    May I know is it possible to have it collected on the same day? And what if you go later than your collection date?
    I read that there’s a cam to have your photo taken, can I skip this if I were to bring my own photo?

    1. ken

      It’s available for collection the next day onwards. Not sure how long they would hold it for so best to check at the counter.

      As for photos, it is now taken digitally during the application. No need to bring your own. And it’s free of charge too. So no need to worry about photos. Just get it done there and then.

  6. Smallyfry

    I went down today to renew my parent passport. I reached there around 10.30am, and there was no crowd. I got it done within 15 mins. The fee for renewal passport is S$66 for adult, S$33 for senior citizen (above 60 years old) and children below 12 years old . Collection on coming Monday, and I checked the passport has to be collected on the date specify on given ticket. I thought I can collect it on other day. Oh, if you bring your parent there for renewal passpast, the guard needs two cards for changing pass. You can give them one card with photo another one can be any card. For my case, I gave them my driving license and my company medical card. Hope my little information will help someone plan to go there.

    1. sunset_limited

      $66 for adult? I thought $84? And I thought somebody above mentioned arriving around 11+ and have it collected at 3pm. Does it mean it can be done on the same day itself?

  7. limyeeshin

    Thanks for the info. Does we get our old passport back upon collection of new passport? I still need the old one for my flight verification purpose

    1. ken

      Yes. They will return the old passport with the front cover cut off a little to ensure its physically unusable. But the details and all Visas inside the pages are untouched. My US Visa is still on old my passport and I’ve renewed the passport twice since. So it’s all good. ??

    1. ken

      As I’ve mentioned in the post above, when you arrive at the High Commission, you will get a form at the gates when you mentioned to the guards that you are there to renew your passport. No other forms are required for renewals.

  8. sunset_limited

    Hi Ken,

    I know this is probably the wrong question to be asked here.
    Does Malaysian needs a transit visa for connecting flight in Shanghai? Under MU flight enroute to SFO. The stopver is only 5 – 10 hours.
    There isn’t any clear info stated on China Embassy.
    Hope anybody else could help?
    Many thanks!

  9. epchandavid

    I like to share my experience, freshly from this morning.

    I arrived Malaysia High Commission office around 7.45 am. I was surprised that not many people at the gate, because the last time I came, since 7.30am there was a queue at the security guard house for pass exchange. You will be given a form to fill.

    When I went in the main building, saw a few people sitting at the foyer there as the entrance was still closed. By around 7.50am, the India lady opened the gate and instructed us to show her all the necessary documents (I have to say I find her rather irritating…).

    Once she is satisfied with the documents, you will be instructed to go to counter 10/11 to get a queue number. Well, the Indian lady at the counter is very friendly and helpful. She will then check your documents and hand you a queue number.

    I was lucky to get 1001, and I thought I was the 1st… who knows there’s another 0 before me.

    Well, the whole process of getting my documents checked and application submitted took me around 20 mins. I waited slightly extra minutes because I went to the counter with camera.

    The amount charged was SGD 66.

    I recommend to go middle of the week, I believe most people prefer to get the application done early or late week… human psychology?

    Anyway, the whole process was smooth.

    1. Mei

      Thanks for the wonderful tip. I was just about to ask what’s the crowd like in Dec because I am planning to go nxt week. Maybe everyone read this post n decided to go at 11 instead of 7.

  10. Irene

    would there be any delay if I am from East malaysia for the passport renewal? Or it will follow the same standard timeline

    1. ken

      Hi Irene, I’m not aware of such difference in policies for West vs East Malaysians so I don’t think there should be any delays. But best to ask when you submit all the necessary documents.

  11. Nelson

    I reached the high comm at 1115am today. I was expecting less crowd during mid week at about noon time. To my dismay there are 30 people in front of me! Luckily the throughput is quite ok and I’m expecting to complete my doc submission in slightly over an hr.

    All inputs from Ken is accurate with the cost adjusted to sgd66. Thanks!

    1. ken

      Hi Nelson, my guess is that it’s probably due to the holiday season and more people trying to get their passports renewed for their travels. ? Hope things went well for you at the end.

    2. Joshua

      I reached the HIgh Comm around 10.15am today. Everything completed in 1.5 hours. They called my number twice – once to check the documents and collect payment; and the second time (a few minutes later) to take my photo. I was told to collect it within 2 weeks and can come as early as tomorrow afternoon.
      For info, even the Fairprice Plus card (no photo) is accepted in exchange for the Pass at the gate.

  12. Eugene

    I am taking an Air Asia flight to Bangkok this evening and just discovered my passport expiry date is 14 June 2016! So far it’s been next day collection at best, you reckon any chance I can get it done for collection within the day?

  13. Azzay

    Can anyone confirm, do I need to photocopy my msia and sg blue ic beforehand or can do it at the embassy? Planning to go this Monday. Thanks.

    1. ken

      They have a photostat machine there but it’s chargeable of course. Can’t recall how much it cost. But since you have the weekend why not just do it before you go to the embassy? I simply just scanned and printed with win my own printer.

  14. Azzay

    Just to update my experience. Those who go tmr (23rd weds) can only collect on coming Monday.

    Also only those who work/pr etc in sg can renew passport at the embassy. Those only visiting have to renew in msia.

    And the Indian lady there really deserve a long service award. Haha!

  15. Tan

    Does anyone know whether 31 Dec is opened for full day or half day? Not sure if I can collect it on 31 Dec in the afternoon?

  16. DC

    Went today, reach 11am. And you know what? The gate officers said passport system down!!! Come back tomorrow. Ugh… Exhausted carry my son there all the way. So sit down there rest a while. Saw a lot people came for passport got told the same. Shortly saw a lady came out from embassy, so ask her what she doing there. Passport !!! She says quite a number people’s inside.
    Oh gosh… There got kota lah. So easy, system down….
    Wasted effort go all the way down!
    Go early if don’t want disappointment…

  17. Rebecca

    I took the bus 65 from Orchard Boulevard and alighted at the 4th stop outside Valley Point Shopping Centre on 31 Dec. Crossed the road and walked a few minutes to reach the High Comm at 10:30am. Completed my application in 1 hour. I was pleasantly surprised when they told me to come back later to collect my passport at 2:30pm. Saved me a trip. This is an exception, normally collection of passport is on another day.
    And yes, my thumbprint was scanned during collection. You are required to queue up even if you are just returning your pass on your way out at the gate.

    1. ken

      It’s a 5 year validity. And if you renew it within 6 months before your passport expiry, the remaining time adds up to the 5 years too.

  18. Trizel

    I want to renew my mother’s passport but she is holding long term visit pass. can I renew in Singapore or must go Malaysia?

  19. Ty

    Hi Ken, thanks a lot for ur kind sharing here, this is really informative and surely helpful to we who need such info.

    I was thinking to go for the renewal tomorrow and would like to heed the advice to go around late morning, however my uncle was saying that can’t go too late Coz there’s a daily limit of 100 people only (which means number given up to 100 per day only)… That’s why everybody should go earlier… So do u happen to know If this is true? Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. ken

      I think it should be fine to go later part of the day based on the sharing by most of the commenters here. But if you’re worried, then going in early doesn’t hurt too.

      Not sure about the 100 limit though, perhaps you can ask and see if they still do that?

      1. Ty

        Hello Ken, here’s the update:
        1) I followed through ur instructions above, including to reach there around 1115am, managed to get it done in quite a short time without much waiting.
        2) The friendly officer told me that they would jus handle all walk in applicants before 12pm, so the myth of “100 numbers” per day is no more.
        3) Collection on the next day was a breeze too, with virtually almost no waiting time at all.

        Once again I thank you for sharing all the essential info here, really appreciate this, wish u a Happy New year and holiday!

  20. IY

    If I go tomorrow morning 2nd Feb, is it possible I collect mine on 4th Feb? Because I saw one freaking scary comment that he was told to collect within 2 WEEKS! My flight is on 5th early morning.

      1. I Y

        Thank you for your quick reply. Since the website states try to avoid peak period, I. E. One weeks before holiday, I am scared I couldn’t get it on time. If I cannot get it on time hope that I still can get through it without any problem. My friend whose passport was going to expire in 2 weeks, yet no problem for him to pass the SG and Malaysia custom, just the custom officer told him to renew his passport. But it was 4 years ago, hope the rule doesn’t change much, my passport is expiring at the end of May

        1. ken

          Singapore generally requires 6 months validity. Why not just go and try and get it renewed anyways but before submitting, ask first when you can get the new passport. If it’s the next day, then all is good.

  21. Yoon

    Thank you for sharing the passport renewal information. It is very useful. I just renewed my passport this morning at 9am. Received my new passport at 10am. Very fast and smooth. The officer said this quick service is a special arrangement because of the long holidays and also because there were very few applicants. Normally will take 2 working days. I’m impressed with the good service provided 🙂

  22. KFC

    Thank you for sharing the passport renewal information. I just renewed my passport this morning at 8am.

    The rest of the procedures are about the same. Just have some updates as follows:

    1. The passport renewal fee as of today is S$67. As I heard from one of the friendly officer today, if you are reaching there by 10am, you may not need to prepare the exact amount of money as by that time they already have the small change for you. Don’t worry.

    2. For guys, you are encouraged to wear darker colour shirt/cloth for the photo session. Otherwise, the officer might request you to wear a “public coat” provide by them.

  23. KFC

    Just wondering. Will Singapore Custom update our latest passport information automatically without our notification? Say, after I collected my new passport today, can I pass through the custom using thumb print system by scanning/using my new passport?

    1. ken

      No. you do need to inform ICA on the update and transfer the re-entry permit to to the new Passport.

      I done that right after I got the new passport and it’s updated almost immediately. Not exactly sure the timing but I remember being able to travel and scan through the automated gates within the week.

  24. Kng

    me also renew today, very smooth process as mentioned by Ken
    Arrived at 8am done at 9am
    Asked to collect tomorrow 2.30-4pm

  25. Lim

    Hi Ken
    If I renew passport for children age 15 any idea do I need to bring their Birthcert?
    For collection do they need to go as well or I can collect for them?

    1. ken

      Hi Lim,

      Yes. You need to bring it. Based on the high comms’ website. You need the following:-
      Child’s Malaysian Identity Card (12 years old and above)
      Child’s Borang W and Singapore Birth Certificate or
      Child’s Malaysian Birth Certificate
      Parent’s Malaysian Identity Card

      I believe for collection, your child needs to be there to collect his/her. But best to ask the officer when you submit the application.

  26. Jamie Ooi

    Hello! I’ve just got my passport renewed, arrived at 11:30am and got everything sorted by 12:15. Took the advice to skip the morning crowd and it was splendid. Do take note that is preferred for the pass & Malaysian ic to be photo stated back and front on the same piece of paper. I was told to go and photocopy both doc on just 1 sheet of paper and the price for renewal has increased to $70 till date.

    1. Paul

      Hi, just a note here. I went during the March school holidays, arriving at 11:30 am trying to skip the morning crowd. But there was a large turnout and I ended up waiting till 4:30 pm to submit my application. Heard from the staff there school holidays period is usually very packed. Fyi, for those who plan to go during upcoming holidays.

  27. Tina Yap

    Can I ask if same day passport collection is available or can only collect next day? The Malaysia Embassy website says collection is 2 working days after submission of the application. Thanks in advance.

  28. JANISE Wong

    I’m pr in spore and just realize that my Malaysia passport already expired on feb. I need to renew my passport immediately ?

  29. SKY

    Thank you for the useful information! I renewed mine yesterday and collected it this afternoon. The amount paid was SGD 66. I arrived yesterday at 9 am, finished at 11 am. For the collection today, I arrived at 2.45 pm, finished one hour later. There’s an alternative parking spot at the HDB carpark at Block 3 Delta Avenue.

  30. joshwa lee

    This post has proven to be helpful so I decided to also give my update. Arrived at 7.45am and there’s already 9 people ahead of me. Good thing is that they start allowing people into the actual waiting area. As mentioned, use a different ID to get a pass at entrance and they will give you a form. Fill it up asap, pass the photocopy of your IC and EP/SPR IC (1 each).
    Go to the designated counter (counter 10 at the time I post) and get your waiting number.

    There’s already one counter operating before 8am while two more open at 8am. so I estimate to finish my submission in about 20minutes.

    Overall, a very smooth transaction.

    P/s: There’s an Indian lady who would assist you when in doubt. Also, there’s a photocopier machine and passport photo booth.

    1. ken

      As far as I know, you can only renew your passport in Singapore if you are already a resident in Singapore, i.e work pass holder or PR. I would suggest that you call them up to check first or just head over to do it in JB where you can get the passport renewal done within a day.

  31. FWong

    Any Sarawakian/Sabahan renew their passport recently in Msia High Com Spore? I saw from the website that the processing period is about 2 months. Is this true? Please advise, Thanks

  32. Evangeline

    Thank you SO much! The information was extremely helpful as the latest updated blogpost about this was dated 2010. May I just ask- if I wish to reflect the change of name in my malaysian passport (I’m a Singapore PR), do I still follow the same procedures as the above? Meaning I renew my passport for the purpose of changing the name, not because it is expiring. Will really appreciate some help on this. Thanks so much!!

  33. lili

    FWong. I just submitted my passport (sarawak) in Msia High Com spore. the officer doesn’t mention anything when i submit my passport. i submit 8 Aug 2016 n my collection ticket date state on 10 Aug 2016. As starts from 1 Aug 2016, the passport renewal is S$ 67. Just bring original & photocopy (Malaysia IC & other IC which as proof of residing in singapore). NO need to bring any photo. the Officer will take your photo with their camera. and also bring another card which have a photo for you to exchange the entry pass before you can go into the building.

  34. Jino

    Thanks for your information.

    I went to the embassy at 10:50am today and it was very crowded. Took me 1hr 5mins just to get a queue number. Luckily it only take another 20mins to submit and complete the application. It cost SGD67 for passport renewal as of 1st Sept 2016.

  35. JB

    Thanks for the post Ken!

    Unfortunately, the High Comm webpage states nothing about photos, so I assumed as much that photo is taken there, but would be nice to have a mention about it. So your post here was very handy, and somewhat more up to date that then other searches I have done online.

    Thanks again!

  36. Pinky

    This has been very helpful! Arrived there 11ish today and the place was empty! I only had 2 numbers ahead of me but there were only 1 counter opened.. waited for about 20 mins. Payment now is S$66. According to the officer, they’re usually quite empty on Fridays.

  37. Pingback: 2 Week Passport Renewal – allinthewhole

  38. anonymous

    Latest update 30/03/2017 – payment is now S$64. Submission of documents at counters 3 & 4 (after waiting for 30 mins, counter 7 came online). Cameras are located at counters 3 & 7, so if you’re called to counter 4, you will need to wait after submission to be called to counter 4 or 7 to get your photos taken. Arrived around 10:30am, completed around 11:20am. Smooth process.

  39. Wen

    I just renewed passport online just now. Once submitted, informed me to collect today between 11.22am to 4.30pm.

        1. Wen

          Never expect to collect on the same day. I collected the next day.

          Went there around 11.45am. Waited 50 mins. Below are the procedures for online application based on my experience:

          1. Take passport photo from a photoshop. Tell them the requirements (100MB to 300MB, mouth is closed, 3500*5000, etc). Buy softcopy only.
          2. Go online, key in existing passport number and IC number. Check if the details are correct. Submit and pay by using credit card or direct debit. Print out receipt.

          Collection day:

          1. Exchange an extrance pass by using my Passion Card
          2. Directly go to any counter that is available and provide the officer
          i) Original Malaysia IC and Singapore IC
          ii) Photocopies of item (i)
          iii) Old passport
          iv) Online receipt
          3. The officer will give you a queue number. They call the number to take your thumb prints.
          4. Instead of waiting for them to call my number to collect the passport, i checked with the officer at the counter whether my passport was ready. Then, collected it.


    Do they collect our old passport or we can take back our old passport if we have other VISA stick on it?


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