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Malaysian Passport Renewal In Singapore : The Rojak Pot Guide!

I recently had to renew my Malaysian passport here in Singapore. While it’s actually a relatively simple process, renewing passports can sometimes be a stressful endeavour.

This is especially if you are unsure of the document requirements, if there are any forms that’s required or if you need to bring any photos or not.

I searched online for any latest information before I renewed my passport but only found information that are a few years old.

Since I’ve just renewed mine in July 2015, I thought I should share the latest process for Malaysian passport renewal in Singapore and get you prepared for it.

Malaysian passport renewal in Singapore


The Location : How + When To Get There

Where you need to go is the High Commission of Malaysia at 301 Jervois Rd, Singapore 249077.

My recommendation to get there is just to use a taxi service. There isn’t much place to park around the High Commission. But if you do want to drive there, the nearest car park is Valley Point Shopping Center at River Valley Road which is within walking distance.

The Immigration Department starts operations at 8 am, and they will collect the submissions till 12 pm. But I highly recommend that you reach there before 8 am, if you don’t want to wait too long.

When I did my renewal, I arrived exactly at 8 am and even then I was already at queue number 17, and it took about 45 minutes to get to my turn. And by the time I was done, there was quite a number in queue already.

Huat Cheong Chew recommends going there later, at around 11 am, after the morning crowd has dissipated. He only had to wait 15 minutes. He collected his passport at around 3 pm, also after the collection crowd had left.

TY also shared that the old limit of 100 applicants a day is no more. A friendly officer shared that they would handle all walk-in applicants before 12 pm.


What You Need To Bring For Malaysian Passport Renewal In Singapore

Here’s what you need to bring.

  1. Your Malaysian MyKad
  2. A photocopy of your Malaysian MyKad
  3. Your Singapore IC or Employment or Work Pass
  4. A photocopy of your Singapore IC or Employment or Work Pass
  5. Current Malaysian Passport
  6. Another photo ID such as your Malaysian or Singapore driving license to exchange for the entrance pass
  7. About S$66 in cash. This is the amount as of 16 December, 2016. It used to be S$84, then dropped to around S$66 and may change slightly over time, depending on the SGD-MYR exchange rates.

It is important that you bring all of the above. Every time I renew my passport, there’s always someone who did not bring another photo ID. This complicates things as you need to exchange for a photo ID for an entrance pass.

However, since you need BOTH the Malaysian MyKad and the Singapore IC/EP/WP for the passport renewal, you will need another photo ID.

Additional Tip : KFC in the comment below noted that a friendly officer mentioned that usually after 10 am, they would have some small change if you don’t have the exact amount. So, if you really are not able to bring exact change, you probably do not have to get too stressed out.

Just hope for the best that they do have some change to spare. KFC also reminded me about the choice of clothes. Try to wear darker shirts or tops, if you do not want to wear the jacket or coats provided at the High Commission.

Notice that I didn’t list a requirement for any form or photo? That’s because you don’t need either. I’ll explain in the next section on renewal process.


The Submission Process For Malaysian Passport Renewal In Singapore

When you arrive at the High Commission, get your photo ID ready and exchange for the entrance pass.

Tell them that you are there to renew your passport and you would be provided with a form as the one below.

Quickly get into the Immigration Department section of the High Commission and fill up the form. Once you are done, get into the queue along with all the documents at hand.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure where to be at. You’ll know where the line is when you get there. Also, there is a friendly officer who will guide you along the process.

The first line is to get the documents checked and then you will receive a queue number. Now, please hold on to this queue number well, as you need to bring it along for the collection. So don’t crumple it or stuff it into your pocket.

At this point, you just have to wait for your number to be called. Once called, just head over to the counter and hand over all the documents.

They will process it and get the actual form printed with all your details on it. All that’s left is to sign on the form and thumbprint on it. Once that’s done, you make the payment of S$66 in cash. Remember to bring exact change. They won’t provide change if you don’t have exactly the required amount.

If you’re lucky, you would get called at a counter that has a camera installed. If so, you would get your photo immediately taken for the passport.

If not, as was with my case, you would be asked to sit and wait for your number to be called again to another counter that has the camera.

The photo is the last step for the submissions. You would be given back all your IDs and the queue number with the collection date and time noted down.

It’s usually just the next day from 3-5 pm. I highly recommend collecting it on the stated date to avoid any complications.


The Collection Process For Your New Malaysian Passport

The collection process is pretty simple and straightforward. On the collection day, remember to bring along the queue number and a photo ID other than your Malaysian MyKad.

This time you can use your Singapore IC or work pass, as they’re not required for the collection. They would just verify your details with your Malaysian MyKad.

Same thing when you reach the gate, exchange your pass and tell them you’re there for the collection.

When you’re in the immigration department, the queue now is based on the number on your entrance pass. An officer will call out the queue number in tens, i.e. 11-20 for instance.

When it’s your turn, just get into the line for your turn to the counter. At the counter, you would provide the submission queue number and your Malaysian MyKad.

The staff at the counter will then retrieve your new Malaysian passport, and verify your details. You will then be asked to check and verify the details on your new passport.

You would definitely want to make sure all the details are correct. If all is good, just sign on the signature line of the new passport and you’re done!

Now this process is accurate at the time of posting. However, I would of course recommend that you also visit the Malaysian High Commission’s website in case the process has changed.


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