Watch : Malaysian Police Fired TWICE To Disable Car!

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Videos of a black Nissan Teana with the number plate JPY 2796 have gone viral, after one of them showed a Malaysian traffic police officer firing two shots to disable it.

Here is the video, and what really happened!


Watch : Malaysian Police Fired TWICE To Disable Car!

We compiled the two videos. The first showed the chase, ending with the police officer firing two shots. The second shows the Nissan Teana abandoned along the centre divider of the DUKE Highway.

One thing we are very proud to note – the traffic police officer was calm and only fired at the tyre. Even though the driver attempted to knock him aside, he did not fire into the car.


The Malaysian Police Incident Report

Here was the incident report on the chase, as shared on social media :

As Salam dan Salam Sejahtera
Ydh Datuk Seri KP KL
Ydh Dato’ TKP KL


Pada jam lebih kurang 1630 hrs 18.5.2020 semasa Kpl 162679 SAIFULAZUWAN BIN MOHAMAD (Anhgota point duty) menjalankan tugas kawalan lalulintas di jalan Genting Klang setapak telah nampak sebuah kereta jenis nissan Teana Hitam JPY 2796 dinaiki 2 lelaki bangsa tak pasti dlm keadaan mencurigakan . Dia cuba menahan kereta tersebut untuk pemeriksaan namun suspek memecut kearah jln Gombak sehingga melalui jalan bertentangan . Semasa dalam keadaan jln sesak di situ dia telah turun dan terus menuju ke kereta tersebut untuk menyuruh pemandu turun dan berhenti dengan mengetuk kereta tersebut suspek malah cuba melangarnya . Anggita trsbt terus lepaskan 2 das tembakan di tayar hadapan sebelah kanan bagi memberhentikam kereta7 tersebut.selepas tembakan itu suspek terus memecut hingga ke Duke Higway dan kereta tersebut akhirnya terhenti di tengah besi pembahagi jalan dan suspek telah lari meninggalakan kereta .pemeriksaan di dalam kereta menemui satu paket dadah disyaki jenis Syabu.

Maklumat lanjut akn menyusul

Ydh Datuk Seri
Ydh Dato’


Watch : Malaysian Police Fired TWICE To Disable Car!

And here is our English translation :


At around 1630 on 18 May 2020, Corporal 162679 Saifulazuwan was on traffic control duty on Jalan Genting Klang in Setapak when he spotted a black Nissan Teana JPY 2796 with two males of undetermined race acting in a suspicious manner.

He tried to stop the car for an inspection, but the suspect sped towards Jalan Gombak, driving against traffic.

When there was heavy traffic, he got off his motorcycle and approached the car to demand that the driver stop and exit the vehicle by knocking on the car. But the suspect tried to knock him down.

The officer fired two shots at the right front tyre to try and stop the car. Despite the shots, the suspect continued to speed toward the DUKE Highway, where he finally stopped the car and ran away.

An inspection of the car found a packet of drugs, suspected to be methamphetamines.

More details to follow.


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