Confirmed : Malaysian Schools Reopening In Full In July 2020!

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The Malaysian government just confirmed that schools will fully reopen in July 2020Here are the details!

Leak : Malaysian Schools Could Reopen Mid July 2020!


Malaysian Schools Reopening : Form 5 + Form 6

The reopening of Malaysian schools started on 24 June 2020, on a limited scale with Form 5 and Form 6 students who have to prepare for their public examinations.

Primary school students, and secondary school students who are not slated to take public examinations remained at home.


CONFIRMED : Malaysian Schools Reopening In Full In July 2020!

Yesterday, this picture of a draft document for the reopening of Malaysian schools was leaked, revealing that they could all reopen in full in July 2020.

That was confirmed by Senator Dr. Mohd Radzi bin Md Jidin, the Minister of Education at a press conference today (1 July 2020).

Here is the timeline for the full reopening of Malaysian schools :

Classes Reopening On Wednesday, 15 July 2020

  • Form 6 Semester 1 and Remove Class
  • Form 1, Form 2, Form 3 and Form 4
  • Standard 5 and Standard 6

Classes Reopening On Wednesday, 22 July 2020

  • Standard 1, Standard 2, Standard 3 and Standard 4

Malaysian schools reopening confirmed


Malaysian Schools Reopening : Prepare For A New Normal

Parents should start preparing for a new normal when their children go back to school.

This Bernama infographic for pre-school children could be a useful guide of what’s probably the new normal in Malaysian schools when they reopen.

Malaysian Preschool reopning Guide


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