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Did This Malaysian Student Die From COVID-19 In London?

A video of a Malaysian student in London has been circulating on WhatsApp, with the claim that he died of COVID-19 after that.

The video is genuine, but it was misused to create yet another COVID-19 hoax. He (fortunately) is still well, and here are the facts!


Malaysian Student Died From COVID-19 In London Hoax

This was the message that accompanied the video, claiming that the student, died of COVID-19 after filming it for his parents.

The person is a Malaysian student studying in London. He caught the virus at a party. This video was filmed for his parents. He has since passed away.


Malaysian Student Died From COVID-19 In London Hoax Debunked!

We can assure you that Samson is still alive, and from what we can tell, still doing fine. Here are the facts…

No Malaysian Student Died Of COVID-19 In London

When a reader shared this with us, we realised this is most likely fake news. A Malaysian student dying in London would have been major news.

A quick check confirmed that only one Malaysian citizen died in London – a 75 year-old man on 22 March 2020.

Dead Student Don’t Tell Tales

We then traced down the source of the video, and found the student’s Instagram account, where he posted a statement clarifying that he is very much, STILL ALIVE and recovering.

He made the video as a warning for his friends, because he posted it and then deleted it after just 4 hours.

But it looks like someone downloaded his video, and shared it out with the fake message that he passed away.

Here was the statement he posted on Instagram :

So apparently there are videos of myself circulating on WhatsApp which I had deleted after putting up for 4 hours. I’m unaware of the circulation of the video which I made on 28 March (Saturday). I was only made away on 30 March. I DO NOT have the intention of making the video viral. I’m writing a statement today (30 March) to clear several things up, mainly to reduce panic.

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for the wishes and especially to those who had taken their time to support me during my dire need. I’m sorry if I’m unable to get back to you ASAP.

Secondly, I am NOT DEAD

As most of you that have seen my video, it is not a video to request for help, it is a video I made to show my current condition and to spread awareness of how it feels like contracting Covid- 19

I am NOT officially tested as there is a limited number of testing kits available in the UK. Currently, testing is only made to people who are;

  1. Vulnerable
  2. Serious condition

I MAY have contracted the virus from multiple occasions. In the video where I addressed that I contracted the virus from;

  1. MSSM MNight (14 March)
  2. MSSM Night Afterparty (14 March)

However, it is not 100% certain that I contracted the virus on these occasions. Do note that this was my last contact with a large group of people. There might be possibilities that I contracted it elsewhere.

Regarding my health, today will mark as the 9th day after showing symptom – the ONLY symptom which is the inability to smell. I am currently recovering and feeling much better.

Regarding the NHS, it is the same anywhere around the world, LIMITED ACCESS. I deleted the video because I realised that the statement I made was irresponsible. At all material times, I was not trying to condemn the NHS. I have nothing against the NHS, although I was impeded access to healthcare. My General Practitioner (GP) had tried contacting me, but I was asleep. I heard nothing more from them.

The statement I made is the truth and by no means of t dying to deceive the public.

Thank you


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