MamaPride Invents World’s First Modesty Pants For Women!

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If there are two things that we Malaysians excel at, it’s coming up with fantabulous religious edicts, and developing new and ingenious ways to protect our frail, weak-willed, extremely gullible womenfolk against sinful temptations.

The latest Malaysian invention to hit the Internet is from a company called MamaPride. They have invented the world’s first female modesty pants. Yes, you read that right – MODESTY PANTS.

MamaPride Modesty Pants
MamaPride Modesty Pants

They are designed specifically to protect the modesty of a lady while she undergoes even the most intrusive medical procedure. With these pants, the modest lady  is able to conceal all of her prized assets, revealing only the perineum region to a doctor for the purpose of conducting a medical check-up, a Pap smear, or the delivery of a baby.

But that’s not all. The pants come with a large perineal strap that is secured by velcro. VELCRO, ladies and gentleman. This allows the lady to reveal only what is necessary for the medical procedure of the day and quickly cover up her crown jewels, thus minimising her sinful exposure!

Isn’t that amazing? Malaysia BOLEH, I tell you!

MamaPride Modesty Pants
MamaPride Modesty Pants

For the discerning lady, these modesty pants even come in three fashionable colours and designs – the eye-pleasing Comfort Blue, the refreshing Lime Green and the “hot mama” favourite – Maroon!

If you can’t decide which you prefer, why not buy all three at the low, low price of just RM 119 EACH (GST not inclusive)? You can keep one at home, one in the car and one in the office, ensuring that you will always have one with you. As we Malaysians say – “Just in case, right? You never know mah…

For men who are interested in women’s modesty, MamaPride may soon have just the thing for you – Chastity Pants. These chastity pants will GUARANTEE that your honour will never be sullied by another man.

Future MamaPride Chastity Pants?
Future MamaPride Chastity Pants?

The prototype showcased above requires a padlock or combination lock (each sold separately) but they hope to develop one that uses a biometric sensor, because they have decided that such locks are easily circumvented by the lady or a potential lover. For the sake of their honour, a better locking mechanism must be developed.

We wish MamaPride all the best in their battle to protect the modesty of our frail, weak-willed, extremely gullible womenfolk. Malaysia Boleh!

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