Man Forcibly Kissing A Little Boy On Kiddie Ride

A video of a man forcibly kissing a little boy on a kiddie ride is circulating, with the following warning :

Hi guys….. please read this carefully!!!

Forwarded fr a friend.

Was at a doctor’s clinic today and he showed me a video clip of a mall. These malls have small car rides for kids where the kid is made to sit in a battery operated car and is taken for a ride around the floor, and is accompanied by one of the guys (adult) from their team.

While this ride is on the parents usually are chatting away and waiting for the child. As this guy turned a corner, he stopped the car and forcefully smooches the child. The child tries to fend the guy off but obviously he is not strong enough.


We have perverts lurking around every corner guys….. pls take utmost care of the children and protect them from getting scarred for life!

If you think they’re too much to handle, leave them at home go to the mall on ur own but don’t leave them unattended at any give time!!

We need to spread this out to everyone.

You might find this incredulous, until you actually watch the clip. Yes, there is a video clip of this incident, which we have edited to better show you what’s going on. On the right is the original clip. On the left is the zoomed-in view.

Before you start panicking, this didn’t happen here in Malaysia, but in Saudi Arabia


Why Was The Man Forcibly Kissing A Little Boy On His Kiddie Ride?

This incident occurred on the 19th of August 2015 at the Al-Qasr Mall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Members of the Saudi Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Haia) were on a routine patrol when they saw and recorded that footage.

It showed a Bangladeshi man forcibly kissing a little boy who was on a kiddie ride. The boy appears to resist him, even pushing him away, but the man forcibly kisses the boy multiple times. They immediately arrested him but he denied abusing the boy.

Then, on the 7th of September 2015, a video was released that showed the boy with his father and the man, who was identified as his uncle.

Man Forcibly Kissing A Little Boy On Kiddie Ride

It was claimed to be evidence that proves that he was not abusing the child, because it’s apparently their culture to kiss nephews and nieces that way…

S Malik : Honestly, Asian Uncles & Aunties have this Annoying tendency of Kissing Nephews/nieces forcibly.

Its a common trend, a child that refuses it is known to be ill mannered & Uncle & Aunties(Elders) would blame the parents for raising their kid in a way they dont respect their elders.

Ali : Stupidity at the peak. A nephew is like your own child, How you can called this molestation idiot. : kids are joy for all relatives and friends in Indian or Asian culture. they will be patted / embraced / kissed to share their love and care. there is nothing like using kids any wrong intention in it.

The Saudi Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has not commented on this new video, and the Bangladeshi man remains in custody.

So was it child abuse, or just a cultural misunderstanding? You decide.



I would like to thank Chua Pek Koon for bringing this to my attention, and William Wong for so quickly identifying the source. Thanks so much, guys!


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