The Death Of Palestinian Girl Marah al-Bakri Debunked!

In the highly-polarised issues of Palestinian rights versus Israeli sovereignty over the occupied territories, both sides sow a ton of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) to drive support for their opposing views. But Palestinian supporters take the cake for creating fake stories like the alleged killing of a young girl called Marah al-Bakri.

Marah al-Bakri - Shot By Israelis, Exploited By Muslims


In this article, we will debunk the killing of Marah al-Bakri, and share with you what really happened.

Please share this article, instead of the fake stories about Marah al-Bakri. Help guide the world towards peace, not more violence.


Marah al-Bakri Was Killed For Wearing The Headscarf?

This Facebook post has gone viral, shared by thousands of people. It claims that Marah al-Bakri was shot 5 times and killed after she ran across the road to get away from Israelis who were trying to tear off her headscarf.

Marah al-Bakri - killed by Israelis for wearing the tudung???

Here is the English translations of the Malay post :

This 15-year old Palestinian girl ran across the road from harassment by the Jews who were trying to remove her headscarf, and was shot five times from close range by Israeli police, cheered on by Jewish residents who looked on as she bled to death.

That is certainly outrageous! Imagine killing a girl simply because she was wearing a headscarf. If Muslims around the world can call for a boycott of Zara after one security guard denied entry to a hijab-wearing customer, this should push Muslims to boycott Israel! But wait – aren’t they already doing that??? Duh!


Marah al-Bakri Was Killed For No Reason

There are also posts that allege that Marah al-Bakri was killed for no reason, other than the fact she is Palestinian. They all point out that she’s just a child surrounded by 10 men with no sign of any knife in that picture.

Marah al-Bakri - Shot By Israelis, Exploited By Muslims

Here is the English translations of the Malay post :

Do you still remember? The cowardly dogs who said that she carried a knife even though she did not have anything on her. She was shot multiple times. Where is justice in this world?

Marah al-Bakri did NOT die, so any claims she was murdered is false.


Marah al-Bakri Spoke From The Afterlife

The most egregious post though included an alleged deathbed quote by Marah al-Bakri herself. Here is one example circulating on the Internet.

Marah al-Bakri - Shot By Israelis, Exploited By Muslims

Since Marah al-Bakri did not die, it is absurd for people to claim that she bled to death. Certainly, the quote is untrue, since she did not bleed to death.


The Effect Of These Fake Marah al-Bakri Posts

The fake Marah al-Bakri posts are designed to elicit strong emotions, possibly encouraging violence, against the Israelis and Jews in general. A look at the comments by those who shared those posts were invariably limited to the same themes :

  • She sacrificed her life defending her honour
  • She sacrificed her life to defend her faith / Islam
  • The Zionists have no respect for other religions
  • The Zionists kill Palestinians / Muslims just because they’re Palestinians / Muslims
  • Go to hell, evil Jews / Jewish bastards!
  • This Palestinian girl died defending her aurat. How many other Muslim women will do the same?

This is very dangerous because those who see these posts will be tempted to strike out, not at the actual Israelis who shot or imprisoned Marah al-Bakri, but at anyone perceived to be an Israeli, a Zionist or even a Jew.


The Truth About Marah al-Bakri

Not a lot is known about this incident, because this is one of the many incidences that occurred during the Knife Intifada in the last months of 2015. The Israeli authorities have tried to limit coverage of these incidences to reduce the possibility of copycat attacks. But here are the facts that we were able to discover from our research :

  • Marah al-Bakri was a 16-year old student of the Abdullah bin Hussein School for Girls in the al-Sheikh Jarrah area.
  • At around 2:15 pm on the 12th of October, 2015, Marah al-Bakri allegedly stabbed a border police officer near the Ammunition Hill light rail stop in Jerusalem.
  • Another police officer at the scene shot Marah al-Bakri.
  • The alleged stabbing occurred near the Jerusalem police headquarters, so Israeli police officers were able to quickly respond to the attack.
  • They cordoned off the area, and allegedly arrested a man at the scene too. He can be seen being detained in the video footage of the incident.
  • The officer who was stabbed suffered light-to-moderate injuries, with another Israeli injured as well.
  • Marah al-Bakri was seriously injured by the shooting and hospitalised.
  • She is currently alive and in custody.
  • Marah al-Bakri - Shot By Israelis, Exploited By Muslims
  • Marah al-Bakri - Shot By Israelis, Exploited By Muslims
  • Marah al-Bakri - Shot By Israelis, Exploited By Muslims


An Alternate Possibility

There is an alternate story that partially contradicts the facts above. It claims that :

  • Marah al-Bakri was walking home from school with a friend, when they were harassed by an Israeli settler.
  • For some reason, the Israeli settler shot and seriously injured her.
  • After the shooting occurred, she was surrounded by the Israeli police, possibly because they assumed she attacked the settler.
  • A young man (probably the settler) was later arrested by the Israeli police.

If this unofficial story is true, then it would tally with the account above that also referred to a man being arrested after the incident. The official account still maintains that she stabbed a border policeman.


Do You Really Need To Lie?

As a supporter of both Israeli and Palestinian rights to freedom and sovereignty, I am constantly appalled by the violence, as well as the wanton lies and exploitation, by both sides. The Israelis though can take comfort that they are not saddled by the idiots that the Palestinians have to put up with. These idiots continuously diminish the Palestinian cause with their constant barrage of lies. As if there is no truth worth telling?

Take this Marah al-Bakri case. The fact that a 16-year old girl was shot is shocking enough to generate outrage, even though she allegedly stabbed a policeman first.

But no, these idiots had to change the story to something else altogether. Even worse, they changed it to something petty – the tudung (headscarf). Is that more important than a fact a young girl was shot, when they could have easily subdued her? And when it gets exposed, Palestinian supporters look like a bunch of compulsive liars.


Please Stop Lying

Every supporter of Palestinian right to self-rule and independence should be dismayed by the inanity of these fake posts. The Palestinian cause is a noble one, a just one; but so many people choose to disparage it by spreading lies.

In Islam, a false accusation is said to be the most wicked of crimes. Here are selected quotes from the Quran on lying and making false accusations :

“The curse of Allah be upon him if he should be among the liars.” [Quran 24:7]

“Indeed Allah does not guide one who is a transgressor and a liar.” [Quran 40:28]

“Do not mix the truth with falsehood or conceal the truth while you know [it].” [Quran 2:42]

So the next time you think about lying for the Palestinian cause, please reconsider it. Lying is not only a sin, it also hurts the Palestinian cause in the long run. Don’t be stupid!


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