Maybank B40 Subsidy Scam : Don’t Click / Call!

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Watch out for the Maybank B40 subsidy scam SMS! It is a phishing attack by scammers!

Do NOT click or call. Just delete it, and WARN YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!


Maybank B40 Subsidy Scam : Don’t Click / Call!

Scammers are sending out this SMS claiming that Maybank (MBB) will issue the B40 subsidy after you fill in some information.

Please DON’T click on the message, or call the telephone number. Just delete it and warn your family and friends!

Maybank B40 Subsidy Scam : Don't Click / Call!


Why This Maybank B40 Subsidy Offer Is A Scam

Let us show you why this Maybank B40 subsidy offer (and similar offers) is just a scam.

If you spot any of these warning signs, BACK OFF and DO NOT PROCEED!

Warning Sign #1 : No Such B40 Subsidy Program

The Malaysian government has not announced any B40 subsidy program.

Maybank certainly will NOT give away free money to the B40. It’s a bank, not a charity.

Warning Sign #2 : Bad Grammar

The bad English grammar should be a warning sign that this is not a legitimate offer.

No bank will send an SMS with such bad grammar.

Warning Sign #3 : Not Using The Real Maybank Domain

A genuine Maybank campaign would use the real Maybank domain –

The use of a different domain should warn you that this is not a legitimate Maybank website.

In fact, Google Chrome will warn you that this website is a phishing attack – to get your personal and banking information.

Warning Sign #4 : Asking You For Your Information

The banks – whether they are Maybank, Public Bank, CIMB, etc – will NEVER ask you to fill in your personal details.

Think about it – they already have your information because you have an account with them!

Even if there is a legitimate B40 subsidy programme, they only need you to log into your Maybank account. They do NOT need you to register your details again.

These scammers ask you for these details so they can use them in phishing calls, to convince you that they are really from Maybank.

Warning Sign #5 : Asking You For Your Bank Login!!!

This is a BIG warning sign. Banks will NEVER ask you for your user name and password.

If you key in this information, you are basically giving these scammers access to your Maybank account.

They will call or message you and try to get your TAC (Transaction Authorisation Code) number that is sent to your mobile number. DO NOT GIVE THAT TO THEM!

If you sent them your user name and password, please contact the bank immediately, and change your password!


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