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Many Maybank Customers Hit By Facebook Ads Scam!

Many Maybank (MBB) customers are getting hit by the Facebook Ads scam!

Find out what’s going on, and what you can do to avoid this Facebook Ads scam!


Facebook Ads Scam Hits Many Maybank Customers!

Many Maybank customers are complaining that they are being charged for fraudulent Facebook Ads advertisement campaigns!

They discovered that their debit cards were charged for Facebook advertisements that they never approved.

Stephanie Wong : I think i am a very cautious person as I did not link my card to any platform or make purchase through any unsafe website at ALL, but it still happens to me.

I found out the money deducted from my bank acc through multiple continuous transactions yesterday, then I called Maybank customer service immediately.

They helped me to cancel the card but then the thing happened again this morning.

@ruffleseedI heard tens of millions of Ringgit were reported misappropriated through @facebook
on multiple bank over the past few weeks.

Delete your phone number from Facebook now and do not let @messenger handle your SMS.

@MyMaybank has yet to answer us re: this intrusion.

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Fahim Fahmi : Begitu saja duit kena curi 😢

Translation : That’s how [my] money got stolen 😢

Danish Ihsan : Aku dah kena jugak, satu hari 2 transaction.. nasib sedaq awai, habis rm800.. kalau tak lagi banyak.. maybank dah tak selamat, tadi kat bank pun ada akak kena jugak transfer to others acc beribu2 jugak lah,. Solusi, jangan guna maybank buat masa sekarang..

Translation : I got with with 2 transactions in one day.. luckily, I realised early, but lost rm800.. if not it would have been more.. maybank is not safe, just now at the bank a lady transferred thousands [of ringgit] to other people’s account. Solution, don’t use Maybank for now..

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Analysis : Facebook Ads Scam May Not Be Related To Maybank

Many of those customers are angry with Maybank over these fraudulent charges to their debit cards, which meant the money was directly withdrawn from their bank accounts.

However, on closer analysis, the scammers may not necessarily be taking advantage of leaked Maybank debit card information, or hacked Maybank itself…

Fact #1 : Other Bank Customers Are Affected Too

While most recent Facebook Ads scam cases appear to be affecting Maybank customers, other bank customers are reporting that they took were charged for those fraudulent advertisements.

@eeshepeeka : nohh laki cek pun kena last week tp kat CIMB. ada few transaction for 2 days nasib dia tolak sikit2. sekali deduct RM12+ sehari 3x ja. deduction description pun sama sebiji cam dlm gambaq tu. haiyaa

Translation : Well, my husband also got [scammed] last week but at CIMB. there were a few transactions for 2 days, but luckily [the scammer] deducted only small amounts. each time deducting RM12+ a day for 3 times. The deduction description is the same as the one in the picture. haiyaa

@ItsNeoah : Banyak kali kena kat credit card ambank. Alhamdulilah call ambank dia mintak isi dispute form then tgok next cycle bil dah takde. Letih ngan scammer ni.

Translation : [My] Ambank credit card got hit many times. Alhamdulillah, after calling Ambank, they asked me to fill out a dispute form, then when I checked the next bill cycle [the charges] was removed. Tired of this scammer.

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Fact #2 : Most Of Them Ran Facebook Ads In The Past

In addition to analysing their stories, I also spoke to someone who knows several Maybank customers who got hit by the scam. From what I can ascertain, most of them ran Facebook Ads in the past.

Stephanie Wong : 3.) Did not run any ads recently, but few years ago

@wnn_tasha : I last pakai FB ad guna akaun ni tahun 2018. Silap tak remove payment method tu.

Translation : I last used FB ad using this account in 2018. My mistake for not removing the payment method.

They said that they paid for Facebook page a few years ago to boost their audience.

That said, at least two Maybank customers said that they have never registered any debit or credit card with Facebook:

Fahim Fahmi : Tak pernah ada link kad dengan FB atau social media yang lain

Translation : [I] never linked [any] card with FB or other social media

@ruffleseed : I have never set up payment methods on Facebook nor have I ever used Facebook ads.

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Fact #3 : Scammer Likely Got Access To Those Facebook Accounts

What is interesting is that most of those who were affected by this Facebook Ads scam reported that their Facebook accounts were used to create and run those ads.

If their debit or credit cards were merely stolen, the scammers could have created a new Facebook account to use those stolen cards to run Facebook ads.

Fortunately, one of the victims “caught” the scammer logging into her account from the United States. This clearly shows that the Facebook Ads scam requires the scammer to gain access to their Facebook accounts.

It is likely that the scammers gained access to their victims’ Facebook accounts using phishing attacks, and simply used the debit or credit cards that those victims earlier registered with Facebook to run advertisements in the past.

Fact #4 : Facebook Auto-Fill Is Not The Problem

After these cases went viral, people blamed the Auto-Fill feature in Facebook, and shared videos and photos on how to disable it.

The truth is – this Facebook Ads scam very likely has nothing to do with Auto-Fill, which is a feature used in many other services and platforms.

Auto-Fill only makes it easier to fill in your debit or credit card details. It does not bypass any verification that is required to make a payment.

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Fact #5 : You Can Recover Your Money!

Now, this is important – you need to move fast to cut your losses, and recover the money. You can also improve your Facebook account security to prevent it from happening again.

For more details, please read our guide – Maybank FB Ads Scam : How To Recover Money?!


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