Watch Out For This Maybank Personal Loan Scam!

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Malaysians should be aware about the Maybank personal loan scam. Our friend, Sabrina Tan, personally experienced it back in 2017, and it’s still going on!

She shared the experience with us to help warn everyone about this scam. Please read her post, and share it out!

Watch Out For This Maybank Personal Loan Scam!

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The Maybank Personal Loan Scam

The Maybank personal loan scam targeted Sabrina on the morning of 15 March 2017. Fortunately, she didn’t fall for it. Check out her original post :

Received a call from a Mr Tony Kim this morning. He said he is calling from Maybank HQ. He gave his staff ID no as MBB 0133. He said I took a personal loan of Rm30k and I am late in payments. He say overdue 3 months. He knows my name in full, my contact no as well as my IC no. Before he ask me to verify my details, he is the one who blurted out.

I ask him for the details of the loan:

Account no: 4998 5601 5447
Loan amt : 30,000.00
Loan approval branch: Maybank, Komtar, Penang
Loan approval date: 21/11/2016
One mth payment: rm675
Tenure of loan: 5 years
Interest : 7% pa.

He told me to make a police report if I am not the borrower. He told me he can put me through to the Penang Police Station.!!! I ask him for the contact no of the police station. He hesitated and told me he cannot give out the phone no of the police station. I told him I will make a police report and get a lawyer to shoot a letter to Maybank. He said ok and hang up.

I just drop by the local Maybank branch here. Spoke to the customer service personnel. IT IS A SCAM. She told me I am the 3rd or 4th person to come to the branch about this personal loan and same Tony Kim. Check with the manager there, the details he gather are the same Tony Kim, same account no given, same loan amt. So he advise me to make a police report.

Please stay alert when receive such a call. Do ask for more details. Also, do check with the bank.

According to the Maybank staff members whom she contacted later, several people have been targeted by the same scam.

Although she did not go beyond the initial call, most likely they will ask for the outstanding amount and a fine to be banked into their account.


Spoofed Maybank Telephone Number

Sabrina shared with us a screenshot of Tony Kim’s loan scam call, which took just over 12 minutes.

Tony the scammer used a local number (03-2599-1888) to convince people that they are genuine. This number is very similar to the Maybank HQ number (03-2059-1888).

Watch Out For The Maybank Personal Loan Scam!

However, the number is not in service. The Maybank sales manager who attended to Sabrina tried calling the number, and so did we.

It was obviously a spoofed number. They were calling from another number but made it look like the call came from 03-2599-1888.

Even so, the telco can trace the real origin of the call. That would require a warrant from the police. We hope the PDRM will look into the matter and try tracing the call.

Banks should also be more proactive. They can install trap lines that use Automatic Number Identification to detect the actual telephone number, instead of relying on Caller ID.

Perhaps this is something Bank Negara should look into. They need to actively pursue these scammers, instead of just advising people they have been scammed… after they report being scammed.


Share & Warn Everyone About This Loan Scam!

This scam has the potential to cost the victim a few thousand ringgit. So please warn your family and friends about this scam. Share this article as widely as possible.

And if you receive a similar call, please report it to Maybank, Bank Negara and the police.


This Loan Scam Will Keep Getting Recycled

Even though Maybank put out a notice about this loan scam, it is inevitable that some people would have been scammed.

Sadly, this is an effective scam that the authorities can’t seem to crack down on. So criminals will keep trying the same loan scam, targeting different banks and with different scary messages.

So it is important that EVERYONE is made aware of such loan scams, and to directly call the bank to verify such messages, BEFORE doing anything else.


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