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McDonald’s Malaysia Voucher Scam EXPOSED!

Is McDonald’s Malaysia giving away a gift voucher to those who participate in a simple survey? No, it is just a SCAM, and here are the FACTS!


McDonald’s Malaysia Voucher Scam?

A Facebook page called McDonald’s_MY started advertising a voucher giveaway to celebrate McDonald’s Malaysia’s 38th anniversary.

👋Hello Malaysia👋

McDonald’s priority is our customers.McDonald’s completed 38 years and hear some McDonald’s vouchers so simply visit hear () and enjoy your🍔food.

Enjoy your free McDonald’s 🍔🍟🍔food.

Join us now 👉 and enjoy your food at your place. Get your food when you want where you want

Here is the screenshot of the advertisement, which we placed a SCAM overlay to avoid further misuse.


McDonald’s Malaysia Voucher Scam : The Truth

This McDonald’s Malaysia voucher giveaway is just another scam, which the real McDonald’s Malaysia confirmed earlier.

But if you need to know the nitty-gritty tech details, please take a look at this cybersecurity expose from our sister website, Tech ARP!


McDonald’s Malaysia Voucher Scam : What Should You Do?

This is what we recommend you do :

  1. Share this article, so other people won’t get cheated.
  2. Click on the advertisement as many times as you can. This will help use up the ad budget they set for the ad campaign.
  3. Report the fake Google survey, by clicking here, and selecting Spam, malware or “phishing” (fake login)
  4. Report the Facebook advertisement, by clicking on the menu icon on the upper right side, and selecting Report ad.


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