10 KM Limit Lifted, But No Interstate / Inter-District Travel!

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The Malaysia National Security Council just lifted the 10 KM travel limit in MCO / PKP areas, but please note that interstate and inter-district travel are still forbidden!


10 KM MCO Travel Limit Lifted, But Not Interstate, Inter-District Travel

On 16 February 2021, the Malaysia National Security Council (MKN) lifted the 10 KM travel limit in MCO / PKP areas.

Malaysia Defence Minister Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri bin Yaakob, said that the reopening of all businesses in MCO / PKP areas rendered the travel limit “irrelevant“.

However, he said that interstate and inter-district travel remains forbidden across the country, whether in MCO, CMCO or RMCO areas.


10 KM Travel Limit Lifted, Why Not Inter-District Travel?

The Minister is correct that the 10 KM travel limit is really irrelevant after MKN allowed all businesses to reopen.

People have to travel to work, deliveries have to be made, and customers must be able to reach businesses. Otherwise, there’s no point in reopening the economy.

Limiting interstate travel is understandable, because it has resulted in the spread of COVID-19 through tourism and family visits.

However, limiting inter-district travel while lifting the 10 KM travel limit doesn’t make any sense.

10 KM Limit Lifted, But No Interstate / Inter-District Travel!

After all, many areas in the Klang Valley are in close proximity, and people have to cross district and even state lines to work and buy essential items.

For example, Damansara Perdana and Mutiara Damansara (which are in Selangor) are right next to TTDI (in Kuala Lumpur), separated only by the LDP highway.

How does crossing from Selangor into Kuala Lumpur – a distance of less than 1 KM – make it riskier than travelling 142 km from Sekinchan to Sepang – both within the state of Selangor?

10 KM Limit Lifted, But No Interstate / Inter-District Travel!

Or what about Penang island which has two districts, with almost 1.8 million people?

For example, Bukit Jambul in the Timur Laut district is right across the Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone in the Barat Daya district.

How is it riskier to cross from Bukit Jambul to Bayan Lepas, than to drive 27 km from Batu Feringghi to Bukit Jambul?

The virus travels through people, not the air. So it is less critical to prevent people from crossing district lines, and far, FAR more important to ensure that they comply with these golden rules :

Of course, it is safest for everyone to help break the chain of infection by staying at home, and not going out at all.

But it does not help to block inter-district travel, while lifting the 10 KM limit on travel and letting all businesses reopen as normal.


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