MCO U-Turn : No More Limit Of 2 Persons Per Table / Car!

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The Malaysia National Security Council just lifted the MCO limit of 2 persons per table, and 2 persons per car!

Find out how this affects your risk of getting infected by COVID-19 in Malaysia!


MCO U-Turn : No More Limit Of 2 Persons Per Table / Car!

On 18 February 2021, Defence Minister Ismail Sabri bin Yaakob announced that MKN decided to lift the 2 persons per table, and 2 persons per car limit in MCO / PKP areas.

Starting 19 February 2021, dining in is allowed at all restaurants and eateries, with NO LIMIT to how many people can sit at the same table, as long as there is customers are physically distanced by 1 metre, and there is a 1 metre gap between tables.

Also starting 19 February 2021, vehicles may carry up to their MAXIMUM legal capacity.

MCO U-Turn : No More Limit Of 2 Persons Per Table / Car!


No Table / Car Limit : Are We At Greater Risk?

This new change would make MCO (PKP) virtually similar to RMCO (PKPP) and CMCO (PKPB) areas, which begs the question – why bother with the three different classifications?

But more importantly – how does this affect our risk of getting COVID-19?

Travelling Risks

For starters, lifting the limit on a personal vehicle’s capacity presents NO ADDITIONAL RISK, as they would all be from the same family / workplace.

However, this does not mean you should take this opportunity to travel, which could expose your family to greater risk of infection. Besides, interstate and inter-district travel is still FORBIDDEN.

And if you are taking a taxi or using a ride-hailing service, please make sure you wear a face mask at all times (like these girls in the picture below).

MCO U-Turn : No More Limit Of 2 Persons Per Table / Car!

Dining In Risks

Lifting the table limit for dining too does not increase the risk of getting COVID-19, as long as everyone at the same table are from the same family.

However, we should point out that the very act of dining in presents a serious risk, as it has been shown that the SARS-CoV-2 virus spreads easily when people are dining in.

That’s because they are unmasked, and sitting together in an enclosed, indoor space.

The risk of getting COVID-19 while dining in can be greatly reduced, if :

  • you are using a private dining room / at an outdoor venue
  • you are dining only with family members living in the same house
  • your table is 2-3 metres away from other tables

Generally, it is safest NOT to dine in at all. Best to take-away your food, or drive-through.


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