Medicine Hat Police Have NOT Arrested Myles Sanderson!

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An online report falsely claimed that Medicine Hat police arrested Myles Sanderson, ending the mass stabbing spree in Canada.

Here is what you need to know…


Medicine Hat Police Have NOT Arrested Myles Sanderson!

The Medicine Hat Police Service (MHPS) just issued a public statement, refuting an online report claiming that they arrested Myles Sanderson, thus ending the mass stabbing spree in Canada.

Contrary to an online report circulating, the MHPS has NOT arrested Myles Sanderson, wanted for 1st deg murder in connection to the multiple deaths in SK. The male arrested in Medicine Hat was not connected in anyway to those offences.

Anyone with infor relating to the whereabouts of Myles Sanderson should call 911 immediately. The suspect is considered armed and dangerous, not approach or attempt to apprehend.

The MHPS continues to monitor the events in SK and will update the community with timely and accurate information when it is received. #medhat #yxh

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Medicine Hat Police Did NOT Arrest Myles Sanderson!


Damien Sanderson Dead, Myles Sanderson Still On The Run!

Earlier, notorious fake news website – Vancouver Times – posted an article claiming that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) had already shot and killed both Damien and Myles Sanderson.

However, that is fake news.

On Monday morning, 5 September 2022, Damien Sanderson was found dead in a heavily-grassed area near a house on the James Smith Cree Nation. He had injuries that are not believed to be self-inflicted, but he was not shot by the RCMP.

After 11:30 a.m., a deceased male was located on the James Smith Cree Nation. At 1:17 pm., it was confirmed by Saskatchewan RCMP Forensic Investigation Section the deceased is wanted Damien Sanderson.

Saskatchewan RCMP continues to search for Myles Sanderson, who is 6 foot one inch and 240 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. He may be injured and seek medical attention. He may be in a black Nissan Rogue with SK license plate 119 MPI. It’s unknown if he’s travelling with anyone.

Damien Sanderson old and new photos

His brother, Myles Sanderson, is still at large. The RCMP believes he may have sustained injuries, and may seek medical attention.

That probably is based on a report by Leona Lees about a mysterious man who approached her claiming he was stabbed in his mouth, and asking for medical help.

On the morning of the mass stabbings, Leona Lees was with her mother when she saw a dark-coloured SUV speed by her house. A few minutes later, a man walked to her house with his face covered.

He said, ‘I need somebody to take me to the hospital. My mouth has been hurt — I’ve been stabbed.

Both ladies asked to see the man’s injuries but he refused. When Leona went to grab her phone, the man ran away.

The RCMP warned that Myles Sanderson would still be dangerous even if injured, and asked people not to approach him.

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