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Melaka Lady Broke Quarantine For Deepavali Shopping

Melaka Lady Broke Quarantine For Deepavali Shopping

A lady was caught breaking her home quarantine for Deepavali shopping at a mall in Melaka, thanks to vigilant members of the public!


Melaka Lady Broke Quarantine For Deepavali Shopping

On 8 November, a 33-year old lady was broke her COVID-19 home quarantine to shop for Deepavali at a mall in Melaka.

An employee at a factory in Batu Berendam, she tried to hide her pink quarantine bracelet, but it was noticed by several sharp-eyed shoppers who reported her to a mall security guard.

The security guard ordered her out of the mall, and detained her at the security office before calling the Batu Berendam Police Station. The security guard also discovered that she came to shop with a male relative.

When the police arrived, they escorted both of them to return home to continue with the home quarantine.

The police later confirmed that she was a Person Under Supervision (PUS) and her home quarantine was set to end on 12 November 2020.

They did not arrest her, but ordered her to surrender to the police station at the end of her quarantine to show her negative COVID-19 test result.


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