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Did Michelle & Barack Obama Support Bersih 4 & 5?

Michelle & Barack Obama Support Bersih 4 & 5

You might have seen pictures of Michelle and Barack Obama showing their support for the Bersih 4 and Bersih 5 rallies. Check them out :

Here is the larger pictures.

They look pretty real, don’t they? Of course, one of them must be false because they both have the same pose! But guess what – they are both fake!


No, Barack Obama Was Not Holding A Yellow Bersih T-Shirt

Sure, it really looks like he was holding a yellow Bersih 4 or 5 t-shirt. But why would Michelle Obama show a heart, instead of the number 4 (for Bersih 4) or 5 (for Bersih 5), with her hands?

The truth is both pictures were Photoshopped. On closer inspection, the Bersih 4 logo looks too flat, especially the number 4, which didn’t curve with the crease of the t-shirt. The Bersih 5 version was better. In either case, thousands of people shared the picture on social media and messaging groups. 😀

If you recall, during Bersih 2.0, Obama was similarly pictured to support Bersih 2.0 by holding yet another yellow t-shirt :

But rest assured that Barack Obama’s tenure as the unofficial supporter of Bersih is at an end. Come 2017, President Donald J. Trump will take office, and no one expects him to give a shit about what happens to a piddling little country like Malaysia. 😀


The Original Picture Of Michelle & Barack Obama Holding A T-Shirt

Whoever did it used this picture of Michelle and Barack Obama holding a WHITE t-shirt, with the Hate Won’t Win logo. Now, you can see why Michelle Obama is making that heart sign? 😀

Michelle & Barack Obama showing that #HateWontWin

Here is President Barack Obama’s own tweet using that picture, in which he showed his support for those who were killed in the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina on the 17th of June 2015.

President Obama’s tweet on #HateWontWin

But Bersih supporters, please don’t despair. After all, did Queen Elizabeth not display her indirect support for Bersih by intentionally wearing a yellow dress with yellow flowers decorating the drawing room where she met Najib Tun Razak? 😉

Queen Elizabeth wearing yellow while meeting Najib during Bersih 2.0

Okay, her true intentions are for us to interpret and speculate on, but one thing is for sure – that was a real photo. 😀


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