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Mid Valley to KL Eco City Pedestrian Bridge Collapses

Mid Valley to KL Eco City Pedestrian Bridge Collapses

The pedestrian bridge linking Mid Valley Megamall to the KL Eco City project has just collapsed. According to people on-site and the KL Fire and Rescue Department, the accident occurred at around 3:30 PM. At least four people were injured, with three of them in critical condition.

Updated @ 6 PM, 2016-11-30 : The Star reports that at least two people were killed in this tragedy, and another four injured with at least two of them critically. We also added six new pictures of the collapsed bridge.

Updated @ 7:20 PM, 2016-11-30 : Eyewitness on-site reports that at least 8 other people were injured in the collapse.

Updated @ 7:30 PM, 2016-11-30 : The Star reports that a Vietnamese construction worker was confirmed killed, while four others were injured. In addition, two Bangladeshi workers are still trapped in the rubble.


The KL Eco City Pedestrian Bridge That Collapsed

Here are pictures that we received. We have no idea who took them, but they appear to be collated from different sources on-site.

This is a developing story. We will update this article as and when we receive new information and pictures. If you have any pictures to share with us, just let us know!


Avoid Mid Valley Megamall For Now

The KL Eco City pedestrian bridge collapse did not directly affect Lingkaran Syed Putra – the road going around Mid Valley Megamall. You can see the location of the KL Eco City pedestrian bridge, in the map below.

However, it is reportedly causing traffic jams on that road because of gawkers. This has caused traffic to back up in nearby roads. You are, therefore, advised to avoid going to Mid Valley Megamall where possible, or the adjoining roads :


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