Why Mike Batayeh Did Not Die From vaccine SADS!

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Find out WHY Breaking Bad’s Mike Batayeh did not die suddenly in his sleep from COVID-19 vaccine SADS!

Updated @ 2023-06-26 : Added Mike Batayeh’s official cause of death.
Originally posted @ 2023-06-11


Claim : Mike Batayeh Died Suddenly From Vaccine SADS!

Right after news broke that Mike Batayeh died suddenly in his sleep, anti-vaccination activists immediately claimed that the 52 year-old Breaking Bad actor was a victim of COVID-19 vaccine sudden adult death syndrome (SADS)!

Died Suddenly : Another actor #DiedSuddenly
Mike Batayeh suffered a heart attack in his sleep. He was only 52 years old 💉
Reminder: A majority of actors were mandated to take the Covid Vaccine in order to even show up on set.

ANOYHER COVID VACCINE CASE??? ‘Breaking Bad’ actor Mike Batayeh dead at 52

Another victim of the media/gov’t/medical field vax lies!
Triple-boosted & dead – I guess it worked- he can’t catch anything ever again! 😡

“Breaking Bad’ actor Mike Batayeh dead at 52”

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Did Breaking Bad's Mike Batayeh die from vaccine SADS?!


Truth : Mike Batayeh Did Not Die From Vaccine SADS!

It’s now tradition for anti-vaccination activists to blame all celebrity deaths or illnesses on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Here are the reasons why this is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created and propagated by anti-vaccination activists…

Fact #1 : Mike Batayeh Died From Suicide!

Actor and comedian Mike Batayeh (born Michael Batayeh on 27 December 1970) played Dennis Markowski – the manager of Gustavo Fring’s Lavandería Brillante industrial laundromat in three episodes of Breaking Bad, from 2011-2012.

According to his sister, Diane, Mike Batayeh died suddenly in his sleep from a heart attack, at his Michigan home on June 1, 2023. He was survived by five sisters, and many nephews and nieces.

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that my sisters and I announce the passing of our dear brother @Mike Batayeh on Thursday June 1 2023. He will be greatly missed by those who loved him and his great ability to bring laughter and joy to so many. Funeral arrangements will be posted at a later date. #mikebatayeh #mikebatayehbreakingbad

However, the Washtenaw County Medical Examiner’s Office revealed on June 13, that Mike Batayeh’s official cause of death was “asphyxia hanging“. In other words, Mike Batayeh committed suicide.

Fact #2 : Law Enforcement Was Called To His Apartment

According to a police report, the Pittsfield Township Police Department was called to Mike Batayeh’s third-floor, one-bedroom apartment for an “unattended death” and “possible suicide”.

A male relative who filed the report said that he was aware of Mike Batayeh’s “turbulent mental health”, and Batayeh had spent a weekend with him late last month to “distract himself”. The relative also said that Mike Batayeh attempted suicide about a decade ago.

The police report also noted that another witness, identified as his therapist, claimed that Mike Batayeh had been his client “off and on for the past seven years”, and the witness had become concerned when Batayeh missed a scheduled appointment on the morning he died.

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Did Breaking Bad's Mike Batayeh die from vaccine SADS?!

Fact #3 : Mike Batayeh Tweeted About Suicide Earlier

Mike Batayeh posted several times about suicide on Twitter:

  • April 9, 2015 : Let’s face it…..Jesus was suicidal and as a roman Catholic I was taught suicide is a SIN….Double stan[d]ard because he was the bosses son.
  • April 17, 2016 : You ever been so bored you contemplate suicide just because it’s something to do?
  • Nov. 20, 2019 : Holiday season is here. It’s a time of reflection and rebirth. It’s also a time of depression and suicide. It’s all perspective. #tistheseason

Fact #4 : Mike Batayeh Was Fully Vaccinated In May 2021

Mike Batayeh was fully vaccinated against COVID-19, after receiving his first Moderna vaccine dose on April 9, 2021, and his second dose on May 7, 2021.

I’m a card carrying member of the “New World Order”.
#vaccinator #covid #novid

While it is unknown if he received a booster dose, it is plausible he may have received one in December 2021.

2021 Christmas tip:

Covid boosters make a great stocking stuffer this season.
#christmas #covidvacccine

I should point out that the last acting gig Mike Batayeh participated in was a TV movie called Prank of America in 2018. There is no evidence Batayeh was “forced” to get vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in any filming.

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Fact #5 : Vaccine Side Effects Appear Within Hours / Days

Mike Batayeh was fully vaccinated against COVID-19 more than two years ago! He cannot possibly have suffered from a vaccine side effect, because they appear within hours or days, not months later.

Mild side effects like injection site pain, fever, muscle ache, headache, lethargy develop within minutes to hours of the vaccination.

Anaphylaxis develops within minutes, while other severe adverse reactions like myocarditis and VITT develop within days or weeks.

The spike proteins produced by the COVID-19 vaccines also do not stick around for months. If these spike proteins are permanent (as antivaxxers claim), we would have lifelong immunity.

Your own immune system will identify the spike proteins as foreign, and destroy them within a matter of days, although some may last for up to a few weeks. This is part of how vaccines teach your immune system to identify the enemy and destroy it.

Fact #6 : Claims Of Celebrities Injured By COVID-19 Vaccine Proven False

So far, claims of sudden deaths / injuries due to the COVID-19 vaccine have been proven false in every instance. Here is the latest dozen of other false sudden death claims!

Will these anti-vaccination activists apologise for lying to you? Nope! They will just move on to the next celebrity tragedy…

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