MITI : These Business Sectors Can Operate During MCO

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Only certain business sectors are allowed to operate during the newly-announced 2021 MCO (Movement Control Order).

Here is the full list of businesses that are allowed to operate during the 2021 MCO!


2021 MCO : Not All Business Sectors Are Allowed To Operate

With daily highs in COVID-19 cases, the Prime Minister of Malaysia announced the imposition of the much stricter MCO / PKP lockdown of these states and territories.

  • Penang
  • Selangor
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Putrajaya
  • Labuan
  • Johor
  • Sabah
  • Melaka

This MCO / PKP 2.0 lockdown will start from 12:01 AM on Wednesday, 13 January 2021 and tentatively end on 26 January 2021.

Malaysia : 8 MCO Areas, 6 CMCO Areas, 2 RMCO Areas!

During this 2021 MCO / PKP lockdown, people are expected to work from home, except for critical business sectors.

In MCO areas, only up to 30% of Management staff can be present in the office at any one time.

The number of support staff and production workers will be determined by the employer, based on the strict adherence to the SOP.


MITI : These Business Sectors Can Operate During MCO

The government identified five (5) essential business sectors that will be allowed to operate during MCO / PKP – manufacturing, construction, essential services, trade and distribution, as well as plantations and commodities.

That sounds overly generic, so the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) just released a comprehensive list of business sectors allowed to operate during the MCO.

A. Manufacturing + Fabrication

  1. Aerospace, including MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) services
  2. Automotive manufacturing and after sales services
  3. Food and beverage, and their supply chains
  4. Printing and packaging
  5. Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) – household products and self-care products, and cleaning supplies, including supply chain
  6. Medicine and healthcare businesses, including dietary supplements
  7. Personal protective equipment and fire safety equipment
  8. Components for medical devices
  9. Electrical and electronics
  10. Oil and Gas
  11. Petrochemical and petrochemical products
  12. Chemical products
  13. Machine and tools
  14. Ceramics (ceramic moulds for glove manufacturing)
  15. Iron and steel works
  16. Textile (involving PPE production)
  17. Furniture sector
  18. Production, distillation, storage, supply and distribution of fuel and lubricants

MITI : These Business Sectors Can Operate During MCO

B. Construction

  1. Maintenance and critical repairs
  2. Construction of key public infrastructure
  3. Building construction with proper worker’s accommodation at work site, or CLQ (Centralised Labour Quarters)

C. Services

  1. Financial services, like
    a) Financial institutions (banking, insurance, Takaful, other entities licensed, approved or registered by Bank Negara Malaysia).
    b) Capital market entities licensed, registered, or regulated by the Securities Commission of Malaysia.
  2. Local government and municipal services, including
    a) Pawn shops / community credit (licensed money lenders)
    b) solid waste / sewerage maangement
    c) Public cleaning services
    d) Cleaning and sanitation services
  3. Telecommunication and digital infrastructure, including ICT services and GBS (Global Business Services).
  4. E-commerce and its supply chain, including e-marketplace services, digital payments and local e-commerce Internet centre.
  5. Hotel and accommodations
  6. Agriculture, fisheries and livestock sectors, including veterinary services.
    a) Plantation / bird’s nest / horse / livestock processing plant / slaughterhouse / livestock feed plant / suppliers including vaccines / livestock management / pet shops (livestock transfers only at night)
    b) Disease control and regulation of livestock, livestock inputs and products related to the livestock industry (including exports and imports
    c) Health management, disease diagnosis and animal treatments
  7. Water and energy utilities
  8. Professional services, including accountants, lawyers, auditors, engineers, architects
    Scientific services, including R&D
    Technical services, including maintenance
  9. Security services
  10. Security and Defence
  11. Land, water and air transportation
  12. Port and airport services, including cargo loading and unloading, storage or transfer of commodities

MITI : Work From Home Still Apply In CMCO / TEMCO Areas!

D. Trade Distribution

  1. Warehousing and logistics
  2. Food and beverage services, sale, and delivery
  3. Retail, distribution and wholesale

E. Plantation + Commodities

  1. Agriculture, fisheries and livestock and their supply chains
  2. Plantation and commodities, and their supply chains

F. Others

  1. Any service, work, industry or business that is determined by the Minister of Health, after consultation with authorities regulating them.


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