MKN : 3 People Now Allowed In Car During CMCO / PKPB

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MKN just announced that 3 people are now allowed in the same car during the CMCO / PKPB lockdown. Here is what you need to know!


Earlier : Only 2 People Allowed In Car During CMCO / PKPB

When the Malaysian National Security Council (MKN) announced the CMCO / PKPB SOP for Peninsular Malaysia, they only allowed two people from the same household to travel in the same car.

Only TWO (2) people are allowed to leave (including inside / on a vehicle).

Peninsular Malaysia private car capacity limit

That limitation has led to complaints that it unfairly disadvantages single parents, and people with elderly parents.

Single parents may not be able to leave their children unattended at home, and be forced to bring them out, when they have to buy food or essentials.

Those with elderly parents may need another person to help attend to their parent whenever they send them for medical treatment, for example.


Now : 3 People Allowed In Car During CMCO / PKPB

In a special press conference on 13 November 2020, the MKN announced that they agreed to loosen the requirement.

They will now allow 3 people from the same household to travel in the same car during the CMCO / PKPB lockdown.

MKN : 3 People Now Allowed In Car During CMCO / PKPB

Please note that they did NOT change the limitation on the number of people from the same household dining in restaurants / cafes / eateries.

Unless they change that limit too, only TWO (2) people per household are allowed to dine in at restaurants / cafes / eateries.


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe from COVID-19 :

  • Avoid suspected cases or disease hotpots, like hospitals, if possible!
  • Avoid public events and crowds
  • Keep our hands clean with soap or hand sanitiser
  • Keep our home, office, vehicles, etc. clean
  • If you need to wear a surgical mask, make sure you put it on and remove it properly!
  • Wash your food with water (and soap) after purchase and before preparation

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