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MKN : CMCO + RMCO SOP Changes On 9 March 2021!

MKN : CMCO + RMCO SOP Changes On 9 March 2021!

MKN just announced some updates and changes to the CMCO and RMCO SOP on 9 March 2021!


MKN : CMCO + RMCO SOP Changes On 9 March 2021!

The Malaysia National Security Council (MKN) has been announcing changes and updates to the CMCO and RMCO SOP very often.

Take a look at the four announcements from MKN on the CMCO and RMCO SOP, which will start on 10 March 2021.

Langkawi Switches To RMCO

Kedah has been under CMCO (Conditional MCO) since 19 February 2021.

But starting 10 March 2021, the entire island of Langkawi will switch to RMCO (Recovery MCO).

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Work From Home Directive Continues

MKN also announced that the Work From Home directive will continue to apply in the CMCO areas. It is only optional for RMCO areas.

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Live Shows With Audience Allowed

In a surprising turn of events, MKN announced that live shows with audience will be allowed in both CMCO and RMCO areas, starting 10 March 2021.

This includes official government programs, television programs, music and dance, theatre, musicals, comedy, cultural performances

RMCO Tourism Bubble

MKN will also allow tourism to restart in RMCO areas, starting 10 March 2021.

This is limited to holidays and trips managed by tour agencies registered with MOTAC, who will keep the police informed of their travel plans, including the hotels used.

Travel is limited to RMCO areas, and the tour vehicles cannot enter or cut through CMCO areas.

The public is NOT ALLOWED to travel by private cars, because it would make it difficult for the police to monitor and prevent them from entering CMCO areas.


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