The Movies Junction WhatsApp Group Hoax Debunked!

There is a new hoax circulating. It claims that the Movies Junction WhatsApp group belongs to ISIS, and warns that the reader may be trapped into the group. Check out the warning, and find out why this is just another Internet hoax. We will also show you a real ISIS attempt to lure people to their group.

The Movies Junction WhatsApp Group Belongs To ISIS


Does The Movies Junction WhatsApp Group Belong To ISIS?

Here is the hoax that has been circulating on WhatsApp and Facebook :

有一個叫做 “電影連點 Movies Junction” 的Whatsapp 群組。如果您被邀請並加入,那麼您將無法離開該群組,它是屬於 “伊斯蘭國 ISIS” 的。所以請小心並通知你的朋友和親戚。

?原文 :
There is a whatsapp group called Movies Junction. If you are invited and added then you will not be able to leave the group. It belongs to ISIS. So beware and inform your friends and relatives

We can tell you right away that this is most definitely fake news. This is just another version of the earlier hoax that the “Firdaus We Ascend” WhatsApp group belongs to Daesh (ISIS).

While WhatsApp allows strangers to add anyone to a group, there is a way to prevent that. If someone unknown adds you to a group (or just sends you a message), you can immediately opt to “Report Spam and Block“. This blocks the stranger, and preventing yourself from being added to the group.


How To Remove Yourself From A WhatsApp Group

The claim that you can’t leave the group is also false. You can easily remove yourself from any WhatsApp group, even if they belong to the CIA.

  • How to exit a WhatsApp group
  • How to exit a WhatsApp group

It’s a simple 3 step-process :

  • In the WhatsApp group, tap on the group’s name at the top.
  • Scroll down until you see the Exit Group option.
  • Tap on the Exit Group option, and voilà! you are out of the group.


How ISIS Tries To Recruit People On WhatsApp

ISIS or Daesh is a terrorist organisation that is infamous for their propensity for graphically violent acts of terror. They are also known for using social media to spread their doctrine, and recruit new followers. However, they are proud of who they are and are never shy about advertising that.

Take a look at this example of an actual attempt by an ISIS operative to recruit a young man in the Indian city of Cochin in September 2015.

  • ISIS WhatsApp invitatoin to Dawlathul Islam Dwah
  • ISIS WhatsApp invitatoin to Dawlathul Islam Dwah

That ISIS operative, Shami, added him to the Dawlathul Islam Dwah group – an Islamic proselytisation and Daesh recruitment group. But as you can see, even that young man easily removed himself from the conversation and group.


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