Stop Using MySejahtera To Choose COVID-19 Vaccine!

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Can you use MySejahtera to choose the COVID-19 vaccine you prefer? Pfizer? Sinovac? AstraZeneca?

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the FACTS really are!


Can You Use MySejahtera To Choose COVID-19 Vaccine?

This viral message has been circulating on WhatsApp for several weeks now, advising people on how to get JKJAV to give them the COVID-19 vaccine they prefer.

Hi All, Greetings,
On Choosing your vaccine via Mysejahterah is possible

You can request for Sinovac or Astra Zeneca or Pfizer,

– just go to Helpdesk ,
– scroll down to L other queries
– then select E for other issues
– key in/ type – request for Sinovac or Pfizer,
– then press Next & submit.

They will reply u thru email on your request

Any preference jab u want can be requested

Share to those friends who haven’t got their appointments yet

This was How I chose & Waiting for their Appointment date

Stop Using MySejahtera To Choose COVID-19 Vaccine!


Truth : You CANNOT Use MySejahtera To Choose COVID-19 Vaccine!

JKJAV has always said that you cannot choose the COVID-19 vaccine you are given, unless you opted into the AstraZeneca programme.

So I knew that the viral message was FALSE, and I told many people that. However, how can we prove it?

Fact #1 : JKJAV Says It’s Not True!

On 5 July 2021, we finally confirmed with JKJAV that the viral message is FAKE.

The MySejahtera Helpdesk feature in the message does nothing more than let you email the JKJAV team.

However, they will not entertain any request for specific COVID-19 vaccines.

This is the same abuse of the Helpdesk that JKJAV warned against just a few days ago.

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Malaysia : No Mixing Of COVID-19 Vaccines For Now

Fact #2 : Early Vaccination More Important Than Vaccine Efficacy

People who are trying to pick and choose their COVID-19 vaccine are not thinking straight.

With COVID-19 raging across Malaysia, it does not pay to wait until you get the vaccine you prefer.

The truth is vaccine efficacy does not really matter. All approved COVID-19 vaccines will protect you against severe disease and death!

COVID-19 Vaccine Protection Against
Pfizer Comirnaty 95.0% 100% 100%
Moderna mRNA-1273 94.1% 100% 100%
Gamaleya Sputnik V 91.6% 100% 100%
AstraZeneca AZD1222 76% ~ 85% 100% 100%
Novavax Covovax 60 ~ 89% 100% 100%
CanSino Convidecia 65.7% 90.98% 100%
Sinopharm BBIBP-CorV 79% ~ 86% 90% 100%
J&J Janssen COVID-19 66.0% 85% 100%
Sinovac CoronaVac 50.65% 83.7% 100%

Instead of worrying about which vaccine you are getting, you should be FOCUSED on getting vaccinated as soon as you can!

Vaccines cannot help you if you get infected BEFORE you can get vaccinated!

Even you get a “lousy” vaccine, it will protect you against hospitalisation and death, so you end up with only a mild case of COVID-19. Isn’t that good enough?

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