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Register With MySejahtera / Logbook, Or Get Fined RM1K!

Register With MySejahtera / Logbook, Or Get Fined RM1K!

Please remember to register yourself at all public places using MySejahtera or the logbook, or you can get fined RM1,000!


Register With MySejahtera / Logbook, Or Get Fined RM1K!

Malaysia has so far weathered the COVID-19 pandemic with relatively few cases, thanks to a relative strict Movement Control Order, and a mandatory requirement to wear a face mask in public from 1 August 2020 onwards.

But with the surging number of new cases, the Malaysian government appears to be ramping up enforcement checks on businesses.

Malaysian netizens have shared videos and photos of recent enforcement checks, where those who did not register themselves either using the MySejahtera app or a logbook were fined RM1,000 per person!


MySejahtera : COVID-19 Contact Tracing + Info

MySejahtera is a mobile app developed by the Malaysian government. It serves as a contact tracing tool, as well as a way to disseminate verified information on COVID-19 in Malaysia.

Users can use MySejahtera log their movements by simply scanning a QR code at public places. This is a safer option to signing a logbook, because you won’t need to touch the logbook or use a shared pen.


MySejahtera / Logbook : The SOP

On 4 October 2020, the Malaysia Ministry of Health issued another reminder on the mandatory registration SOP using MySejahtera or a logbook.

Please note that EVERY PERSON – including children and domestic helpers – must be registered. If they do not have a smartphone, they must register using the logbook.

Also, if you are registering yourself using the physical logbook, please write in your FULL NAME and telephone number. You can be fined if you write in only your first name.

Premise Owners

Members Of The Public

Those who fail to register themselves at public premises risk being fined RM1,000 per person, per offence.

The Malaysia Ministry of Health has proposed that this fine be increased to RM10,000. The proposal was submitted to the Malaysian Parliament in August 2020, but has yet to be approved.


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

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