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MySejahtera Fine : Now RM10K~50K, But Can Be Appealed!

Please warn everyone that the MySejahtera fine is now RM 10,000 for individuals and RM 50,000 for companies!

Also, you must use MySejahtera, and both manual log books and alternative apps like Selangkah are no longer accepted!

Updated @ 2021-03-13 : Added details of increased fine for individuals and companies, and other updates.

Originally posted @ 2021-02-10


MySejahtera Fine : Now RM10K ~ RM50K

MySejahtera logging has been mandatory since 10 February 2021, but most people still seem unaware of this.

You can still get fined if you registered with an alternate app like Selangkah, but not MySejahtera.

On 3 March 2021, the non-compliance fine was increased, from 11 March 2021 onwards to :

The massively increased fines will definitely be a problem for many people who don’t even earn that much in 4 months! Even businesses won’t be able to easily swallow the RM 50,000 fine.

Look at this picture of a compound that a netizen received on the very first day the fine was increased!

Apparently, this person was fined for not registering with MySejahtera, even though he registered with a different app or the manual log book.


MySejahtera Fine Can Be Appealed

Malaysia Senior Minister of Defence Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob stated that the maximum fine of RM10,000 for individuals is only for “repeat and serious offenders”.

According to the Inspector General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador, the police officers do not have the power to reduce the fine. It is merely their duty to issue the compound.

However, those who receive the compound can appeal for a reduction in the fine at the nearest District Health Office.

So if you are caught not scanning the QR code using your MySejahtera app :

Potential mitigating factors could include your economic status, a first-time offence, not owning a smartphone, poor or no Internet connectivity in that area.

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MySejahtera : Mandatory Since Feb 2021, Fine Was RM1K

COVID-19 contact tracing requires timely and accurate logging of everyone’s movements, which has been accomplished by many apps and manual logbooks in Malaysia.

However, to streamline and speed up the contact tracing process, the Malaysia National Security Council (MKN) announced on 9 February 2021 that MySejahtera logging is now mandatory.

From Wednesday, 10 February 2021 onwards, everyone in Malaysia must log their movements in public areas using the MySejahtera app.

You can use other contact tracing apps as well, but only in addition to MySejahtera, which again is MANDATORY.

The use of manual logbooks is no longer allowed, except in rural areas where Internet connectivity is poor or not available.

However, the government did not detail how people who do not own a smartphone are supposed to log their visits.

The fine was originally set at RM 1,000 per person, per offence for those who failed to log their movements using MySejahtera.

The original RM 1,000 fine for not logging your movement in public places is not new. Malaysian netizens have shared videos and photos of enforcement checks for months now.


MySejahtera : What Is It?

MySejahtera is a mobile app developed by the Malaysian government. It serves as a contact tracing tool, as well as a way to disseminate verified information on COVID-19 in Malaysia.

Its users can log their movements by quickly and simply scanning a QR code at public places. This is a safer option to signing a logbook, because you won’t need to touch the logbook or use a shared pen.

Using MySejahtera also allows the Malaysia Ministry of Health (KKM) to easier and faster conduct contact tracing.

Please note that EVERY PERSON – including children and domestic helpers – must be registered.

Unfortunately, the government has not stated what people should do, if they do not have a smartphone.


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