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New In MySejahtera : Risk Level, Vax Status + Check-Out!

New In MySejahtera : Risk Level, Vax Status + Check-Out!

MySejahtera just introduced a more prominent display of your COVID-19 risk level and vaccination status, as well as a new Check-out button!


New In MySejahtera : Risk Level + Vaccination Status Display

Now that a majority of Malaysians have been vaccinated – 60% of all adult citizens as of 2 September 2021 – the government believes it is time to learn to live with COVID-19.

To that end, the MySejahtera team will be pushing out a new built (version) that will make the display of your COVID-19 Risk Level and Vaccination Status more prominent.

Both are currently “hidden” in your MySejahtera profile, and the update will bring them to the forefront, to make it easier for you to display them.


New In MySejahtera : Check-Out Button

One design flaw of the original MySejahtera contact tracing feature is that it only logged when you check INTO a location. There was never an option to check OUT of a location.

Belatedly, the MySejahtera team will be adding a check-out button. You just need to tap Check-out whenever you leave the premise – there is no need to scan any QR code.

With this feature, you will be able to let contact tracers know exactly how long you were within a certain premise.

Without knowing exactly how long you were in a certain premise, contact tracers will not be able to determine if you are truly at risk of being a close contact of a COVID-19 infected person.

For example, if you pop into Village Grocer for 15 minutes and a COVID-19 positive person came to shop an hour later, contact tracers will not know if you are at risk if they do not know when you left the store.

This will inevitably lead to a large number of people wrongly identified as close contacts, when they were never at risk at all.

This new check-out feature will be critical in reducing the number of false close contacts who will be required to home quarantine.


When Will These New MySejahtera Features Be Available?

These new features will be available in MySejahtera 1.0.45, with these changes :

It is currently available in the Apple App Store for iPhone users, but has not appeared in the Google Play Store for Android users.


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