National Cancer Institute Offers Free Meds + Cheap Chemo?

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Does the National Cancer Institute (Institut Kaiser Negara) in Putrajaya offer free medication, and cheap chemotherapy?

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the FACTS really are!

Updated @ 2023-04-06 : Updated article with new details
Originally posted @ 2021-11-06


Claim : National Cancer Institute Offers Free Meds + Cheap Chemo!

This message has been circulating on WhatsApp for many years, but keeps going viral almost every year!

If you know anyone who needs chemo treatment (化疗) and doesn’t have insurance or money, kindly refer them to National Cancer Institute in Putrajaya.

Chemo is RM4k and for seniors citizens it is only RM200 per chemo.

Medication is free. Twin sharing room is RM80.

Doctors and nurses are competent and it’s a new hospital less than 3 years old.

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National Cancer Institute (Institut Kanser Negara)

Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia
No. 4, Jalan P7, Presint 7,
62250 Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya.
Tel : +603-8892 5555
Faks: +603-8892 5588

Email: [email protected]

Director: Dr. Asmayani binti Khalib

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National Cancer Institute Offers Free Meds + Cheap Chemo?


Truth : National Cancer Institute Offer Is Fake News!

The viral message has been going around since 2016, and is FAKE NEWS. Let’s take a look at the facts…

Fact #1 : National Cancer Institute Was Established In 2013

The National Cancer Institute (Institut Kanser Negara) began operations on 2 September 2013, providing world-class treatments and healthcare for cancer patients.

That ties in with the first circulation of this fake message around 2016, which claims that the hospital is less than 3 years old.

Fact #2 : National Cancer Institute Is A Public Hospital

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is a public hospital under the Malaysia Ministry of Health (KKM). Therefore, it is no surprise that it provides treatments at highly affordable rates.

However, it is misleading to refer people to the National Cancer Institute for free medication and cheap chemotherapy, because the NCI charges the SAME RATES as other KKM public hospitals!

Fact #3 : Charges Are All Wrong

As mentioned in Fact #3, the National Cancer Institute charges the same rates as other public hospitals.

The NCI website even refers patients to the Malaysia Ministry of Health’s page on hospital charges, which will show you that the fees mentioned are wrong :

  • Each chemotherapy treatment costs RM200 for First Class, RM100 for Second Class, and just RM50 for Third Class.
  • A private room with air-conditioning costs RM120 per day.
  • A private room without air-conditioning costs RM90 per day.
  • A twin-sharing room, without air-conditioning costs RM60 per day.

The prices mentioned above are accurate as of 6 April 2023. Back in October 2021, those prices were even lower!

  • A private room with air-conditioning costs RM80 per day.
  • A private room without air-conditioning costs RM60 per day.
  • A twin-sharing room, without air-conditioning costs RM40 per day.

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Institut Kanser Negara National Cancer Institute

Fact #4 : NCI Called The Post “Fabricated” And “Baseless”

The Director of the National Cancer Institute actually issued a press release on 18 August 2016, which labelled the post as “fabricated” and “baseless”.

National Cancer Institute (NCI) is concerned on the OFFER which was disseminated via social media since the past few months on NCI’s treatment charges which is also included the name of NCI Director, Dr Asmayani binti Khalib and NCI contact details.

NCI asserted that such OFFER is FABRICATED and BASELESS. Each treatment received by the patients varies as the attending officers make recommendation based on the patients’ needs. Information on treatment charge is available on NCI website:

National Cancer Institute
Ministry of Health, Malaysia
18th August 2016

Fact #5 : Institut Kanser Negara Director Is Dr. Mohd Anis

As of April 2023, the Director (Pengarah) of Institut Kanser Negara is Dr. Mohd Anis bin Haron, not Dr. Asmayani bent Khalib.

Dato’ Dr. Asmayani binti Khalib is currently the Deputy Director of Health (Medical) of the Malaysia Ministry of Health.

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