Did Navy SEALs Kill Two Mar-a-Lago Intruders?!

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Did US Navy SEALs just kill two intruders at Donald Trump’s residence of Mar-a-Lago?! Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Navy SEALs Just Killed Mar-a-Lago Intruders!

On 29 January 2024, Real Raw News posted an article (archive) claiming that US Navy SEALs just arrested and killed two intruders at Donald Trump’s residence of Mar-a-Lago!

As usual, the article is long, rambling and confusing, so here is an excerpt. Please feel free to skip to the next section for the facts!

White Hats Kill Mar-a-Lago Intruder

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Did Navy SEALs Kill Two Mar-a-Lago Intruders?!


Truth : Navy SEALs Did Not Kill Any Mar-a-Lago Intruder!

The truth is – this is just another fake story created by Real Raw News, just to generate page views and money.

Fact #1 : There Were No Intruders At Mar-a-Lago

This is really silly, but it has to be said – no intruders attempted to breach security at Mar-a-Lago in January 2024.

If any intruder was ever caught trespassing at Mar-a-Lago, it would have been covered by news media all over the world, not just by a known fake news website.

Yet, no legitimate media outlet reported such an amazing story? That’s because it never happened. It was all made up.

Fact #2 : Mar-a-Lago Is Not Protected By US Military

Real Raw News claimed that Mar-a-Lago was protected by US Navy SEALs. That’s utter nonsense. SEALs are the US Navy’s primary special operations force, and are never assigned to protect civilians, or property.

US President Joe Biden, as well as all former US presidents, are never protected by the military. Instead, they are all protected by the US Secret Service.

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Fact #3 : Real Raw News Is A Fake News Website

Real Raw News is a fake news website that capitalises on making shocking but fake stories to generate page views and money.

To protect himself from legal repercussions, the owner and writer, Michael Baxter (real name – Michael Tuffin), claims that his articles are “humour, parody, and satire“.

That disclaimer, which is not clearly mentioned in his articles, lets him keep creating fake news to go viral, and generate money.

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Michael Baxter Tuffin
A March 2018 screenshot of Michael Tuffin, who goes by the pseudonym Michael Baxter

His articles have been regularly debunked as fake news, so you should NEVER share anything from his website. Here are some of his fake stories that I debunked earlier:

Everything posted by Real Raw News should be regarded as FAKE NEWS, until proven otherwise.

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