New Nestle NANKID OPTIPRO Details + Sale!

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Nestle today launched their new and improved NANKID OPTIPRO formulation, which is the culmination of 30 years of research.

Find out what’s new in the Nestle NANKID OPTIPRO formulation, and how to get a great deal in their Lunar New Year Sale!

New Nestle NANKID OPTIPRO Details + Sale!


New, Improved Nestle NANKID OPTIPRO

The new and improved Nestle NANKID OPTIPRO boasts a hundred million probiotic units, as well as a new addition – 2’FL Oligosaccharide.

2’FL Oligosaccharide is a type of carbohydrate derived from lactose, to help improve the child’s gut function. Scientific studies show that 2’-FL Oligosaccharide helps strengthen the gut wall, increase good bacteria in the gut, and eliminates bad bacteria.

The new NANKID OPTIPRO formulation comes in two variants :

  • Stage 3 : for children aged one to three
  • Stage 4 : for children four years or older

In addition to the 2’-FL Oligosaccharide, the new NANKID OPTIPRO formula also contains Optimised Protein, 100 million units of Probiotics, DHA and ARA.

Nestle also states that their NANKID OPTIPRO formula does not include additional sucrose.


New, Improved Nestle NANKID OPTIPRO Sale + Availability

The new, improved Nestle NANKID OPTIPRO formula will be made available exclusively on Lazada initially through their Discover Amazing Possibles campaign, and then made available at retailers across Malaysia at a later date.

On Lazada, it will be backed by their Milk Formula Guarantee, which offers a 3X Money Back Guarantee that the product is genuine, and has at least a 7 month to expiry from delivery date guarantee.

Nestle NANKID OPTIPRO Lazada discount

During the upcoming Lazada Lunar New Year Sale (13 to 15 January 2020), 18% discount vouchers for the new, improved NANKID PRO formula will be up for grabs!

So don’t miss this chance to get the new, improved Nestle NANKID OPTIPRO  formula at a discount!


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