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Why You Should Never Buy Your Pets Online

Everyone loves to shop online, but this chap discovered why you should NEVER buy your pets online!


What Buying Pets Online May Lead To…

One young chap, Alan Khor, recently purchased a pygmy hedgehog online. He went to collect it from the courier service only to find it… dead on arrival.

No shit. Who told you that it was safe to mail a pet??!

What’s even worse, the idiot who mailed the hedgehog put it inside a plastic cookie jar and packed it with newspaper so it cannot move!

Sure, he punched some holes in the plastic jar, but with so much newspaper packed in it, the poor hedgehog must have had a hellish time slowly suffocating to death…

He was obviously not pleased at receiving a dead pet. As he later pointed out, he wouldn’t be so peeved if he had the chance to at least “play a few hours with it“.

So Alan Khor had his friend post pictures of his grisly package in hopes of gaining support from the Internet gods in his quest for compensation. Here is the English translation of his friend’s post above :

Today something bad happened.

My friend bought a critter, but when we collected the parcel from Skynet, and opened it up, the critter already passed away. Who should take responsibility?

(I just help my friend to post, because I went with him to collect the parcel from Skynet)


Alan’s Quest For Compensation

Alan Khor’s quest to get the seller, Chan Guanli, to compensate him was leaked. It turned out that the seller was not the actual owner of the pygmy hedgehog.

Neither was he the genius who mailed the hedgehog in a plastic jar packed with newspaper. It was the seller’s friend who did it.

Check out the leaked conversations between Alan Khor and the seller, Chan Guanli. The translation is courtesy of Carolyn Ng (thank you!)

Chan Guanli (Seller)

Alan Khor (Purchaser)

My friend said he won’t pay for the accident.

It was mentioned to you early on that the possibility of it dying is very small.

Maybe the Skynet delivery guy left it in the car and the temperature got too hot, and it died.

RM 120.

I cannot take the loss.

You all do this kind of business must be aware of the risks.

If you don’t refund my money who am I going to find for compensation?

RM 120 no less.

I even touched to see if it’s alive.

It’s already dead when it arrived.

The lives of pets are very difficult to predict.
I wouldn’t look for you if I play with it for few hours and then it dies.

You told me it wouldn’t die.

I trusted you and bought it from you.

The end result?

If it’s just RM 20 I won’t be chasing you.

Let me call my friend again


At least get RM 100 back
See what he says first
No matter what, he must refund RM 100. I cannot accept less, the other RM 20 I know is not your profit, so I won’t ask for it
Let me ask him again
Please… I beg you
Okay lah, I try my best to ask him
Got an answer already?
He refuses to bear it.

So sorry.

I can’t take the loss.

You are doing business.

How can your customers trust you?

This is what you guys guaranteed.

I did not even open the jar.

I courier back to you. I’ll absorb the RM 20. You just need to return RM 100 to me.

RM 100 is enough.

I will personally look for him 2 days later.
I am not asking for much.

I have no reason to buy a dead body.

How am I going to tell my family that I spent RM 120 for a dead body.


He didn’t pick up my calls

It’s that too late.

I trusted you. Please, help me get back my money RM 100.

I will go and look for him after 2 days
RM 10, 20 is fine, but RM 100 is not a small amount.

In online business, the seller must bear the loss.

I told you in advanced.
If you don’t take the responsibility, I won’t do business with you next time.

You said it wouldn’t die.

It is only a small possibility.
Then I only purchased it from you
If RM 100 cannot, then at least 80
Day after tomorrow I go find him.

He doesn’t want to pick up my calls.

That critter I threw away.

RM 80

My bottom line RM 80

I already discount

Already discount

HENG LE xxxx

In the end, the poor hedgehog’s life was only worth RM 80…


Please Don’t Buy Pets Online!

If you don’t realise it yet, the moral of the story is STOP buying pets online. When the buying stops, the killing will too. Pets are not toys!


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