No More Casual Contact Status In MySejahtera!

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The Casual Contact risk status in MySejahtera has been removed!

Here is what you need to know about this new development!


Casual Contact Risk Status : What Is It?

In the past, individuals identified as Casual Contacts of COVID-19 positive persons will get a yellow risk status warning in MySejahtera.

They are also required to undergo daily health assessments using the Health Assessment Tool (HAT) in MySejahtera for 10 days.

While this yellow Casual Contact warning does not prevent them from going into public places, it is certainly alarming to those who receive one.

These Casual Contact risk status became very common recently, partly because of the Omicron surge, and partly because MySJ Trace allows for faster and more accurate contact tracing.

No More Casual Contact Status In MySejahtera!


Casual Contact Risk Status In MySejahtera Removed!

On 1 March 2021, the Malaysia Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin announced that the Casual Contact risk status would be removed with immediate effect.

Instead of the yellow Casual Contact risk status warning in MySejahtera, you will receive this notification instead.

MySejahtera automated contact tracing system has identified you as a Casual Contact. If you develop symptoms, please do a self test. You are not subjected to any restrictions but please adhere to SOPs at all times. Stay safe.

Sistem pengesanan kontak automatik MySejahtera telah mengel pasti anda sebagai kontak kassal. Sekiranya anda mengalami gejala, sila lakukan ujian kendiri. Tiada sebarang sekatan dikenakan ke atas anda, tetapi sila sentidas patuhi SOP. Kekal selamat.

No More Casual Contact Status In MySejahtera!

You are only required to isolate and get tested if you are symptomatic. Otherwise, there is no need to isolate, or get tested.

Your MySejahtera status will remain as Low Risk No Symptoms in blue. There is also NO LONGER a requirement to perform daily health assessments using the Health Assessment Tool (HAT).

But please note that if your casual contact happened before today, 1 March 2022, you will still get the Yellow risk status warning.

Only those who were identified as a casual contact from 1 March 2022 onwards, will receive the blue Low Risk No Symptoms status.

Please alert your family and friends, so they are aware of these changes!


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