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No More COVID-19 Test / Insurance For Travel To Malaysia!

Travellers to Malaysia will NO LONGER be required to undergo pre-departure and on-arrival testing for COVID-19, or purchase travel insurance!


No More COVID-19 Test For Travel To Malaysia!

On 27 April 2022, the Malaysia Minister of Health Khairy Jamaluddin announced a wide range of COVID-19 liberalisation moves :

Starting Sunday, May 1, 2022, these groups of travellers will NO LONGER be required to undergo pre-departure testing and on-arrival testing for COVID-19!

This ruling applies to both Malaysian citizens, as well as foreigners, including those performing the Hat and even foreign workers.

Please note that ALL travellers must still submit information through the Travellers option in MySejahtera, and obtain the Travellers digital card.

Travellers who are 13 years or older, and are not yet fully vaccinated, must continue with the existing testing and quarantine protocol :

Travellers who test positive on arrival in Malaysia will be asked to undergo a professional RTK-Ag test on-the-spot.

To make it easier for you to understand, I created this table to summarise the new rules :

Vaccination Status Pre-Departure On Arrival Additional Test
or Quarantine
Child (< 13 Years) * No Test Required No Test
No Quarantine
Travellers From
Boosted (≥18 Years)
Fully Vaccinated (≥ 13 Years)
Fully Vaccinated
+ Post-COVID-19
(6-60 Days)
Partially-Vaccinated or
Unvaccinated (13-17 Years)
PCR test
within 2 days
within 24 hours
of arrival

for travellers
transiting to
Sabah or
Not Vaccinated with
Medical Exemption
Partially Vaccinated or
Unvaccinated (≥18 Years)
5-Day Quarantine
Day 4 PCR or
Day 5 RTK

Partially Vaccinated
or Unvaccinated

+ Post-COVID-19
(6-60 Days)
within 2 days
or FTT letter **
if hospitalised

* By year of birth
** Also professional RTK-Ag if recovered from COVID-19 infection 6-60 days before departure
*** FTT = Fit To Travel


No More COVID-19 Insurance For Travel To Malaysia!

Foreign travellers were earlier required to purchase COVID-19 and travel insurance with coverage of at least US$20,000 before travelling to Malaysia.

Only these groups are earlier exempted from the requirement to purchase COVID-19 and travel insurance :

That changes from Sunday, May 1, 2022 onwards – the US$20K travel insurance requirement is NO LONGER REQUIRED for ALL foreign travellers!

So foreigners can travel to Malaysia without that additional cost. Of course, getting travel insurance is always a good idea.


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