NSK Seremban 2 : Closed 1 Week After COVID-19 Exposure?

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The Malaysia Health Ministry just ordered NSK Trade City Seremban 2 to shut down for 1 week after at least one employee tested positive for COVID-19!

Find out what happened, and if you should be concerned!


NSK Seremban 2 : Closed For 1 Week After COVID-19 Exposure?

On 13 February 2021, the Malaysia Ministry of Health (KKM) ordered NSK Trade City in Serember 2 to shut down at 2:50 PM, until 20 February 2021 for sanitisation and deep cleaning.

While NSK Trade City has not announced the reason behind the shut down, China Press reported that there was at least one positive case after over 100 of their employees there were screened for COVID-19.

NSK Seremban 2 : Closed 1 Week After COVID-19 Exposure!

The Member of Parliament for Rasah, Cha Kee Chin, confirmed that NSK Trade City in Seremban 2 was indeed ordered to shut down until 20 February. Here was his post, with our English translation :

Just contacted the management (who confirmed) that NSK Oakland will be closed until 20 February, on KKM’s orders. I know many (including myself) have visited them. Hope that everyone will stay calm, do not panic, monitor your health, and comply withthe SOP.

Baru saja hubungi pengurusan pasaraya bahawa NSK Oakland akan ditutup sehingga 20 Feb ini, atas arahan KKM. Saya tahu ramai yg pernah mengunjunginya sebelum ini, termasuk saya. Mohon semua bertenang, jangan cemas, jaga & pantau kesihatan diri, patuhi SOP.

刚刚与管理层接洽, NSK霸级市场将会在卫生部的指示下关闭至20日。 我知道很多人包括我本身, 在近期都到过这霸级市场, 不要紧张或恐慌, 照顾及观察自身与家人的健康状况, 我们一同遵守标准作业程序。

Netizens passing by NSK Trade City Seremban 2 also shared photos of the place closed today.

The notices posted on the main gate said that they are closed for cleaning and sanitisation.

NSK Seremban 2 : Closed 1 Week After COVID-19 Exposure!


NSK Seremban 2 COVID-19 Exposure : What’s The Risk?

Anyone who shopped at NSK Seremban 2, on or before 13 February 2021, should be wary and self-quarantine if possible.

The risk will be low if both the affected employee(s) and all customers wore face masks, and maintained physical distance.

The Ministry of Health will be conducting contact tracing for all positive cases, and those identified as close contacts will be asked to self-quarantine and get tested.

Let this be a reminder why it is critical that you wear a face mask in public at all times – they greatly reduce the risk of infection.

You should also maintain good hand hygiene by cleaning with soap and water, or a hand sanitiser.

COVID-19 is easily destroyed by soap, so even a simple cleaning operation will definitely clean the store of any infectious particles, albeit only temporarily.

NSK Seremban 2 : Closed 1 Week After COVID-19 Exposure!


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