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NU Sentral Deep Cleaned After COVID-19 Infection!

NU Sentral Deep Cleaned After COVID-19 Infection!

NU Sentral just shared that they had the entire mall deep cleaned, after one of their employees was confirmed to be positive for COVID-19!


NU Sentral Deep Cleaned After COVID-19 Infection!

Shopping malls have to act quickly whenever news of an employee is infected by COVID-19, and NU Sentral is no different.

Like Sunway Pyramid, NU Sentral had a case of COVID-19 on 26 September 2020 and quickly arranged for a deep cleaning of the entire mall.

However, they took the extra step of sharing pictures of their deep cleaning operation. The Sunway Pyramid management team should take note.

While some Malaysian netizens are wondering why NU Sentral is not being shut down for 2 weeks, that’s really unnecessary as the SARS-CoV-2 virus does not survive for very long on surfaces, and can be destroyed by cleaning with soap.

We recommend that you follow the safe shopping tips recommended by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health :


Official NU Sentral Statement On COVID-19 Infection


The NU Sentral Management regrets to inform that one of our employees was tested positive for COVID-19 on 26 September 2020.

Ministry of Health (MOH) has immediately conducted contact tracing and all close contacts including employees of NU Sentral’s management office have undergone Covid-19 testing on 26 September 2020 and the first Covid-19 test results of the employees are all negative. Nevertheless, all employees are required to be self-quarantined for 14 days and they will be working remotely but can be contacted as usual.

We would like to assure all tenants, vendors and customers that the case is an isolated case and has been immediately attended upon identification. We are working closely with MOH on any further follow-up measures that may be required.

As a precautionary action, NU Sentral Shopping Centre has conducted a thorough sanitization of the whole mall area in accordance with the Safety and Health Guidelines issued by MOH on Saturday, 26 September 2020.

We will continue to undertake these necessary preventive and precautionary measures as the safety of our employees, business associates and members of the public are very important to us.

We kindly advise all of our shoppers to continue adhering to the SOP issued by MOH, practicing good hygiene, wearing mask and maintaining social distancing at all times.

Your safety and well-being remain as our top priority.


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe from COVID-19 :

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