5 Yo Nur Safiyya : Mama, Please Take Care Of Yourself Too…

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Mama, please take care of yourself too“, Nur Safiyya said, before she was taken to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital by herself.

What an incredibly courageous 5 year-old girl!


5 Yo Nur Safiyya : Mama, Please Take Care Of Yourself Too…

5 year-old Nur Safiyya was an incredible profile in courage when an ambulance came to take her to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital to be quarantined on 8 January 2021.

When her mother asked her to take care of herself, she told her mother, “Mama, please take care of yourself too“. before she was taken to the KL Hospital to be quarantined.


5 Yo Nur Safiyya Had To Go To HKL By Herself

Nur Safiyya tested positive for COVID-19, after her father, 33 year-old Muhamad Ifwan Mohd Rais tested positive earlier.

Fortunately, her mother, 33 year-old Ira Hazwani Mohd Zaini, and her little sister, 3 year-old Nur Azaleeya Muhamad Ifwan, tested negative for COVID-19.

5 Yo Nur Safiyya : Mama, Please Take Care Of Yourself Too...

As her mother had to take care of her little sister, she could not accompany her to the hospital for her quarantine.

When the Ministry of Health discovered that Nur Safiyya tested positive, they arranged to shift her father from the MAEPS quarantine centre where he was quarantined since 6 January 2021.

This would allow him to take care of Nur Safiyya during her quarantine at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital. They will both undergo a second COVID-19 screening test.

5 Yo Nur Safiyya : Mama, Please Take Care Of Yourself Too...

Her mother, Ira Hazwani, said, “Thank you to the MOH team who were very accommodating with our situation. Even though we only left the house for work, we still got infected.

I hope that the public will stay at home if they have no important matters to attend to, and always follow the SOP.

Here is Nur Safiyya with her father in the Kuala Lumpur Hospital. Our heart goes out to both of them. Get well soon!

Nur Safiyya with her father in HKL | Photo Credit : Ira Hazwani, Harian Metro

Source : Harian Metro


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