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Find Out Why NZ Man Died From Pfizer Vaccine Myocarditis!

A 26 year-old man in New Zealand recently died from myocarditis, after getting the Pfizer vaccine. Does it mean that the Pfizer vaccine is dangerous?

Let’s take a look at the facts, and find out the benefits still outweigh the risks!


NZ Man Died From Myocarditis After Getting Pfizer Vaccine

A 26 year-old man in New Zealand recently died from myocarditis, likely due to his Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination two weeks ago.

The press have been excitedly reporting on this, with antivaxxers eagerly sharing the news while calling for COVID-19 vaccination to cease immediately.

Is his death evidence that the Pfizer vaccine, or COVID-19 vaccination, is dangerous? Let’s find out…


Why NZ Man Died From Pfizer Vaccine Myocarditis…

The NZ health authorities shared some pertinent details of the case :

Myocarditis Is Known Adverse Event For mRNA Vaccines

Myocarditis is the INFLAMMATION of the heart muscle (myocarditis) or outer lining of the heart (pericarditis), causing chest pain, shortness of breath or feelings of a pounding or fast-beating heart.

It is a known adverse effect of the mRNA vaccines that is associated mostly with young males 30 years and younger.

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Myocarditis Is Treatable, But He Did Not Seek Treatment

Vaccine-induced myocarditis is generally mild, and most will respond well to medicine and rest, and recover completely. They can usually return to normal daily activities once their symptoms improve / resolve.

It is unknown why the man did not seek medical help, because he would have developed symptoms like :

If you received an mRNA vaccine and develop such symptoms, please seek medical attention right away.

Vaccines Reduce Risk Of COVID-19 Myocarditis

The risk of developing myocarditis is about 1 case for every 17,400 doses administered.

That sounds like a relatively high risk, but what you may not realise is that – COVID-19 causes 4X to 6X more cases of myocarditis than vaccines.

A recent study published in Nature Medicine looked at the myocarditis risk of 38.6 million vaccinated people in England, and found that :

In other words, you actually reduce your risk of getting myocarditis by getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

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Death From Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Is Rare

Because vaccine-induced myocarditis is symptomatic, people generally seek medical attention and get treated, so deaths are rare.

In New Zealand, only two people have died from what health authorities say are myocarditis from the Pfizer vaccine, including this case involving the 26 year-old man who did not seek treatment.

As of 19 December 2021, New Zealand administered just over 8 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines, with 3.8 million people fully-vaccinated.

Even if we include a third possible case involving a 13 year-old boy that is still under investigation, that’s a mortality rate of just 1 out of 2.67 million doses administered, or just 0.0000375%.

You Are More Likely To Die From COVID-19, Than Myocarditis

I should also point out that you are FAR more likely to die from a COVID-19 infection, than vaccine-induced myocarditis.

COVID-19 has an average mortality rate of 2.3%. Assuming 3.8 million New Zealanders were not fully-vaccinated, but got infected with COVID-19 instead, approximately 87,400 of them would have died.

In other words, you are 61,333X more likely to die from a COVID-19 infection, than from vaccine-induced myocarditis.

Obviously, the benefits of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine far outweighs the risks of myocarditis.

Now that you know the truth, please SHARE this fact check with your family and friends.

Antivaxxers don’t care about the truth, or even your lives. All they want to do is prevent you from protecting yourself and your loved ones using the COVID-19 vaccines.

The COVID-19 vaccines have been proven safe and effective through massive clinical trials.

Vaccinate yourself and your loved ones to protect them against COVID-19!


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