Tanker Hits Juru Toll, Spills 20,000 Litres Of Oil!

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An oil tanker just hit the side of the Juru toll, spilling 20,000 litres of oil!

This is why tanker drivers need to be extra careful passing through toll gates.


Tanker Hits Juru Toll, Spills 20,000 Litres Of Oil!

At around 12 PM on 20 April 2021, a tanker passing through the Juru toll hit a metal pole on the left side.

The pole punctured the tank, which spilled its entire contents onto the road. Fortunately, it was just cooking oil!

The PLUS Response Time and the Prai Fire Department rushed to the site to contain the spill, and clean up the oil.

They succeeded in clearing everything by 1:30 PM, but the incident still caused traffic jam at the toll which apparently stretched for a good 3 kilometres!

The 50 year-old tanker driver suffered minor injuries to his leg, and was taken to the Seberang Jaya Hospital for treatment.

Tanker Hits Juru Toll, Spills 20,000 Litres Of Oil! Tanker Hits Juru Toll, Spills 20,000 Litres Of Oil!


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