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Did Old Town White Coffee Use PORK In Curry Mee?!

Did Old Town White Coffee Use PORK In Curry Mee?

Did Old Town White Coffee use PORK in their curry mee, as accused by a viral video?

Find out what a government investigation revealed, and what the FACTS really are!


Viral Video : Old Town White Coffee Used PORK In Curry Mee?!

In the video that went viral on social media, a man accused Old Town White Coffee of using pork in their curry mee.

He pokes at the red-coloured meat, and insists that they put in 5-6 slices of pork.

For our foreign readers who may not understand, pork is haram (forbidden) for Muslims.


KPDNHEP Investigates Claims Of Pork In Old Town’s Curry Mee

The accusation is so serious in Malaysia, that the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) launched an investigation.

Five KPDNHEP Selangor officers inspected the Old Town White Coffee restaurant in Subang Jaya on 13 November 2020, and took samples of the alleged pork used in their curry mee.

Note that this officer is holding a packet of BBQ Chicken, and pointing at its halal stamp.


There Is NO Pork In Old Town White Coffee’s Curry Mee!

This is yet another viral video that has been proven to be FALSE, and here are the reasons why…

Reason #1 : JAKIM + KPDNHEP Confirmed The Claim As FALSE

After investigating the claim, both JAKIM and KPDNHEP confirmed that the claim in the video is false. The meat used was chicken, not pork.

JAKIM warned the public not to make baseless accusations, while Old Town White Coffee is consulting their lawyers to determine if they should take action against those who made the false accusation.

Reason #2 : Char Siu Is Not Always Pork

The man in the video probably mistook the red-coloured meat as char siu – barbecued pork.

However, there are also char siu versions of chicken, beef and venison and other meats.

After all, you can barbecue any meat using char siu seasoning, which is made from honey, five-spice powder, red fermented bean curd, dark soy sauce, hoisin sauce and red food colouring.

In fact, Old Town White Coffee uses chicken char siu in their curry mee, which is clearly visible in their product shot :

Reason #3 : Old Town White Coffee Is Halal-Certified

Old Town White Coffee is a chain of halal-certified restaurants. That means they have to abide by these rules :

  1. Equipment used shall be free from najs, does not contain any hazardous materials and results in side effects to the products produced;
  2. Appliances / brushes from animal hair are not allowed;
  3. The arrangement of equipments and goods in the factory shall be neat, tidy and safe;
  4. Workers are not allowed to live in the premise compound. If it is necessary, living quarters for the workers shall be:
    a. having separate entrance to the premise compound;
    b. no direct passage way from the worker’s living quarters to the premise compound; and
    c. there is a control mechanism on the movement in and out of workers.
  5. Non-halal food/ beverages are not allowed to be brought into the premise compound;
  6. The premise shall have an effective control system from premises that process/ prepare non-halal materials;
  7. All central kitchens and outlets for chain restaurants/ franchise/ food court shall apply for halal certification; and
  8. Liquor and materials sourced from liquor is strictly prohibited to be in the halal kitchen and hotel including the storage area.

While it is not necessary for Muslims to eat only from halal-certified restaurants, a valid Halal certificate means they undergo periodic inspections to ensure they follow the rules.

Reason #4 : Chicken Is Much CHEAPER Than Pork

One of our reader, Johari Jeffrey, points out that chicken is much cheaper than pork.

So it wouldn’t make sense for any business to substitute chicken for a more expensive meat like pork.


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