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How To Open A Pre-Cut Coconut, The Easy Way!

Since we are all stuck at home during the COVID-19 MCO lockdown, here is a quick guide on how to open a pre-cut coconut at home! 😀


How To Open A Pre-Cut Coconut, The Easy Way!

Pre-cut coconuts usually have a groove cut into the top, but it doesn’t go all the way through. This prevents the coconut water from leaking out, and preserves its freshness.

But if you don’t remove the top the right way, you will spill the water as you cut into the coconut. So let’s show you an easy way to open a pre-cut coconut, without spilling the water.

Step 1 : Wash The Coconut

The pre-cut coconut comes pre-wrapped in plastic for sanitary reasons. When you receive it from the deliveryman, you should wash it with soap.

Normally, washing with water would do, but in the current COVID-19 crisis, it’s best that you wash it with soap.

Step 2 : Cut The Plastic At The Groove

You don’t have to remove the plastic. Just use a knife to cut the plastic, following the groove.

Step 3 : Push In The Knife

After cutting the plastic, push the tip of the knife into any point in the groove, deep into the coconut.

Step 4 : Pry The Top Off

Tilt the knife to pry open the pre-cut top of the coconut.

Step 5 : Twist + Lift

The pre-cut top of the coconut should come off easily. Just twist and lift the top, if necessary.

That’s it! You can now enjoy your coconut! 😀


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