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Deadly 18 Feb 2020 Orchard Road Accident Debunked!

A video of a deadly 18 February 2020 accident at Orchard Road, Singapore, is going viral on WhatsApp, but it’s actually FALSE.

We will debunk the fake story about the 18 February 2020 Orchard Road accident, and share with you what really happened!


Deadly 18 February 2020 Orchard Road Accident Video

Here is the fake viral video that claims to show a deadly accident that happened at Orchard Road, heading towards the Mount Elizabeth Hospital. We modified it to ensure our copy won’t be shared as the real thing.


Deadly 18 February 2020 Orchard Road Accident Video Debunked!

The accident in the video happened, but not in Singapore on 18 February 2020. It was actually recorded on 4 July 2018 in Sochi, Russia, during World Cup 2018.

The driver crashed into pedestrians, after apparently falling asleep (although many suspect he was drunk), killing a 63-year old local man, and injuring three other people.

The driver survived and can be seen crawling out of his car after colliding with another car.

This is yet another FAKE STORY, created using a real video of a tragedy.


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