The Organ Farm On Malaysian-Thai Border Debunked

Another day, another fake article by notorious Malaysian clickbait website, The Coverage Bureau. Those guys never stop posting news that they know are false. Who cares about posting fake news as long as it generates clicks and money for them? This time, they posted about an organ farm on the Malaysian-Thai border. Check out their ridiculous post :

The Organ Farm On Malaysian-Thai Border Debunked

Now, you may find those pictures familiar. After all, we debunked them in our previous articles :

We even messaged The Coverage Bureau to know that they were posting fake news. But do they care? Apparently, not. So let us debunk this fake post yet again…


The Goh Soo Heong Post

What is the source of The Coverage Bureau’s article? They claim to have copied it from a Facebook user called Goh Soo Heng. Well, his name is really Goh Soo Heong, you idiots. You can’t even copy his name correctly. Here is his original post.

The Organ Farm On Malaysian-Thai Border Debunked

Who knows where Goh Soo Heong got those photos from. Or his information. Did The Coverage Bureau attempt to verify the facts with Mr. Goh? I don’t think so. Instead, they turned his 3 sentence post into a four paragraph article about an organ farm on the Malaysian-Thai border and organ farming syndicates.


No Organ Farm On The Malaysian-Thai Border

The Coverage Bureau is well aware that there is no organ farm on the Malaysian-Thai border. We informed them of this fact in our debunking of their earlier hoax about organ farming. It forced them to correct their article :

The Coverage Bureau correction of organ harvesting hoax

Yet, they continued to peddle the same old story of organ farming syndicates and an organ farm on the Malaysian-Thai border. Why? Well, because it makes money for them!


700 Dead Children?

This picture was recently featured in a hoax about 100s or 700 dead children found in Thailand on Facebook and WhatsApp.

100s Of Children Found With Their Organs Harvested?

The truth is – these are Syrian children killed in a gas attack in Ghouta. You can read all about this in our article – 100s Of Children Found With Their Organs Harvested?


Putri Nur Fauziah

The second set of pictures have nothing to do with the first. We debunked this earlier in our article – Child Kidnapped & Smuggled In A Cardboard Box.


Child Kidnapped & Smuggled In A Cardboard Box

The child you see in those pictures are actually of an Indonesian girl called Putri Nur Fauziah. And she did not have her organs harvested.


Word From The Police

Perhaps you may not trust us. Let’s see what the Malaysian police has said about these recent organ harvesting hoaxes :

KUBANG PASU : The police would like to remind the public to stop spreading the false news about kidnapped children being smuggled into Thailand for the organ trade.

Kedah Police Chief, Datuk Asri Yusoff, said that the news and photo that spread virally on social media were old and false.

He added, the tight security and police operations with multiple security agencies at the Malaysian-Thai border makes it difficult for kidnapping organisations to commit such crimes.

“I advise everyone to stop spreading this news, and the public to be less naive in believing these viral stories on social media”

“If they have any doubts, they can directly ask us (the police) to verify every case they see on social media,” he said.


Stop Sharing Their Bullshit

The Coverage Bureau is a Malaysian clickbait website founded by Shen Yee Aun. He claimed that they were inspired to “change the style, norm and culture on how we should be consuming news in Malaysia“.

However, all they have done since their inception in November 2015 is copy (some would argue, plagiarise) content from Facebook and other clickbait websites. They were even caught reposting old news from mainstream newspapers as fresh news.

As a portal that does not create any fresh or unique content, but merely regurgitates whatever their staff members think are “newsworthy” on the Internet, they do NOT deserve your support.

Stop Supporting Clickbait Websites

Support journalists and newspapers that actually deliver real news. Support bloggers and writers who actually create content.

Do NOT support clickbait websites like The Coverage Bureau that do nothing more than copy other people’s work (at best), or make up fake stories, just to make money off you.

They are laughing at your naivety. Stop being the fool they think you are. Stop sharing their bullshit.


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  2. Jill Gaittens

    Of course Malaysian officials are going to deny human trafficking and organ harvesting!!!! Do you REALLY think they would admit it??? And the reporters who write stuff like this need to STOP ATTEMPTING TO COVER UP THESE ATROCITIES!!!!


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